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2019 World Cruise - Days 42 thru 50

Day 42, Wednesday 02.13.19 - At Sea 

I woke up around 7am & began working on the blog, while Shelly slept in. 
A few days ago, she developed an infection in her leg (inner thigh). We suspect it was while where at the motu in Huahine. At 10:30am, when she woke up, it looked like it was getting worse, so I urged her to go to the ship doctor and see what they can do.  The doctor on board did not like what she saw and contacted Princess' main doctors to see what the next course of action was.  They decided it was best that my wife get immediate medical attention at the closest hospital.  They contacted the coast guard and made arrangements for her to be taken to the nearest hospital.  The captain made an announcement that the ship was going to have to slow down so we could make an emergency disembarkation.  At first, we were told that there would be an evac chopper to take her to the nearest port., but I would have to stay on the ship until the next port.  I was instructed to pack h…

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