Katz's Express - The Woodlands

The foodie foursome went to Katz's Express. Upon pulling into the parking lot you are greeted by their food truck.
We placed our orders at the counter, after reading through the 5 page menu that offers some great Jewish comfort food & other standard American fare. They hand you a number & direct you towards the drink station. In this area you will also find the world famous pickles!

We started with an appetizer of jalapeno cream cheese bites. It's fried jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese, what's not to like? These were outstanding, I especially liked the raspberry habanero sauce.  This adds a sweet heat to the traditional fried jalapenos.  I wished more places would offer this sauce as an accompaniment.  I keep a bottle at home to serve with my ABT's.  

For my entree I chose the Klassic size Philly cheese steak w/ fries
standard Philly cheese steak sammich. Tasted pretty good, nothing exceptional. I'd probably order another item on future visits.

Steak fries are not my favorite, but these were great.

My mother in law, Linda, selected the Penne salmon, w/ matzo ball soup. She was impressed with the rich & creamy Alfredo sauce. The salmon was nice & flaky; prepared perfectly. There was enough food for her to take home leftovers. The matzo ball soup is her favorite item on the menu.  She thinks it would be a sin not to order this on every visit.

Shelly knew she wanted the Klassic size Reuben sandwich w/ matzo ball soup.
This humongous sandwich was overflowing with meat. Shelly had to almost dislocate her jaw in order to take a bite. The house made potato chips were incredibly thin & crispy.  She likes to top them with deli mustard. She also is a super fan of matzo ball soup.  The soup is a comforting classic perfect for cool, cloudy days.

Louis was still in the mood for breakfast, so he ordered the corn beef hash, over easy eggs, toast.
I almost wasn't able to get a photo of this plate. He was too eager to eat & was frustrated that I wanted a picture first. I honestly can't blame him; I'm a sucker for over easy eggs. These look deliciously tempting. I just love how the yolk oozes over the rest of the dish. This may be my entree choice next time.

We were also excited to learn that this location will soon be going to full waiter service AND will be open 24 hours! We have visited the Katz's near downtown and enjoy their extensive menu and 24 hour service.  Having this location switch to 24 hours fills a great need in the area for a good late night eats place.
Repeat visits are mandatory now.


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