Low country boil

Shelly & I don't always eat out. We actually love to cook at home, together. She saw that our local HEB had Argentine red shrimp on sale, so we decided to try a new recipe. (We fell in love with red shrimp after having some in Key West. They are slightly sweet with the texture similar to lobster.) We usually love our Instant Pot but this seemed inefficient. It really felt like it took longer for the machine to build pressure, than the actual cooking. Next time, I think we will just boil it the traditional way. Below is our step by step:

mise en place

add tators, corn & seasoning

add the pineapple cider & cook for 5 minutes

my favorite andouille sausage

add andouille sausage & cook for 2 minutes

beautiful Argentine red shrimp

add shrimp, more seasoning & cook for 2 minutes*

freshly cooked

chipotle garlic butter for dipping

finished product

ready to eat

*We read that Argentine red shrimp take half as long to cook as standard shrimp. While this turned out great, I'm not sure if the pineapple cider really added any flavor. I'm guessing we will use water for the next try.

1 lbs Argentine red shrimp 
1 lbs andouille sausage 
5 red potatoes 
3 small corn 
2 - 16oz Austin Eastciders pineapple cider 
2 tbs Tony Chachere's seasoning 

Step 1: Add tators, corn, 1 tbsp TCS, & 1 can of cider to IP. Cook on manual setting for 5 minutes. 

Step 2: Add sliced sausage & 1 can of cider. Cook on manual setting for 2 minutes. 

Step 3: Add shrimp & 1 tbs of TCS. Cook on manual setting for 2 minutes.


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