Pasta e Pesto pop up 4-24-17

Last night we were lucky enough to secure a reservation for Pasta e Pesto's monthly pop up dinner. This is quickly becoming a very popular event. Several folks, including yours truly prebooked for the next one. Now please keep in mind that the menu has not even been posted yet. We all trust that Matt & his crew will put together a magnificent menu. They typically cost $20-$40/pp & includes soft drinks, tea and any cork fees (BYOB).

This visit was no exception....

The 1st course (Appetizer) Antipasto was a wonderful salame and pepperoncini roll up with basil infused cream cheese. Simply scrumptious.

Next up was the 2nd course (Pasta) Primoa - lasagne bianche alla zucchini (white lasagna with zucchini, bacon and prosciutto). Now I was a little hesitant about this offering, as I'm not usually a fan of zucchini. My misgivings were quickly dismissed, this was pretty damn good. Nice amount of meat & ooey gooey cheesy!

close up of the zucchini

close up of the cheese

Our 3rd course was (salad) Insalata -
Spring salad and arugula mix, apple slices, almonds, feta cheese, cranberries, and bacon crumbles with a citrus maple dressing. I've always had the belief that tomatoes are the only fruit that belongs in a salad. Well, once again I was greatly mistaken. This too was a tasty dish. (I may need to re-examine my food snobbery).

Followed by the 4th course (Entrée) Secondo
Arrosto di manzo. Roast beef topped with a Balsamic glaze, served with Spring vegetables and basil- butter mashed potatoes. This was a pleasant surprise too. At first glance, I thought the potatoes were a sauce! They served this plate with a steak knife, that was not needed due to how tender the roast beef was. I simply cut it with my fork. The balsamic glaze on top of the veggies was delicious.

basil- butter mashed potatoes

roast beef

spring veggies

Finally, the 5th course (dessert) Dolce
Fresh fruit atop a home made crust topped with lime infused whipped cream. This was good, but I'm a chocoholic, so I thought it would have been great with some shaved chocolate on top.

I love these pop up dinners, as they allow me to try foods I otherwise would not order. So anyone who is hesitant, keep an open mind & be daring.

In addition to these pop ups, Pasta e Pesto also has a tremendous lunch & dinner menu. One of my personal favorites is the Caesar salad.


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