Tex-Mex Delight

My wife, Shelly & I tend to eat out a lot with her parents. They are seasoned citizens & are not able to drive anymore, so we like to play chaperone for them.

Linda has been craving Mexican food for almost a week now. Our schedule finally freed up, so we were able to take her & Louis out to eat. We chose Casa Medina because the food is always great. The service can be a little off some days but we found if we visit during non peak hours, then there are less issues.

We all 4 ordered a $1.99 house margarita. Great deal for a tasty beverage. This is a special price available Mondays & Tuesdays. A perfect accompaniment for any meal. 

Linda loves the pickled vegetables (carrots, onions, & jalapenos) with buttered tortillas as an appetizer.  She asks for them any time we go out for Mexican or Tex-Mex.  When a restaurant has this it's always a bonus.

For her entree, she selected the Casa Medina Special dinner al a Linda (She requested that the chile relleno be stuffed with cheese & covered with queso. She subbed the taco al carbon for a crispy beef taco)

Louis chose the chimichanga from the lunch menu. He must have been hangry because he devoured his plate. It looked delicious.

Shelly also chose the Casa Medina Special dinner. She had asked for the chili relleno to be stuffed with cheese. It arrived stuffed with beef.  (see above service issues lol) She ate it as is & enjoyed it.

I chose Becky's Special from the lunch menu. OMG Becky this was awesome. It has a few of my favorite things.

With so many chains in The Woodlands area, it's nice to find a family owned establishment. Casa Medina is conveniently located, reasonably priced & has tasty Mexican food. They will continue to be a regular haunt.


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