Atomic Buffalo Turds

This is a compilation of my favorite item when I fire up my smoker. Please don't let the name scare you. Trust me, these things are AWESOME! Rarely do I ever have leftovers. My mother in law especially loves them. She asked me to make them for every family get together.

There is no real "recipe" per say. Here are some typical ingredients:

6 fresh jalapenos, cut in half, seeds removed
Mini sweet peppers
Lil' Smokies
Thin cut bacon
12 oz whipped cream cheese
4 green onions, diced
1 cup shredded cheese
1 tbs 21 seasoning salute
HungryHeath pork & poultry rub
Charcoal briquettes
Hickory mini logs
Apple wood chunks
Jack Daniels wood barrel chips

Step by step:
mix cheese, green onions & 21 seasoning salute

stuff each pepper & top with Lil' Smokie

wrap in bacon

I wrapped extra Smokies in bacon

wrapped in bacon

dust with HungryHeath pork & poultry rub

into the smoker for 3 hours at 225°- 250°

about halfway through cooking

my cooking buddy, Delilah

out of the smoker, after 3 hours

these were placed under the broiler to crisp them up

I like to serve with raspberry chipotle dipping sauce


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