Breakfast Burgers & Burritos

Every one says, "A good breakfast is the best start for a good day." Well I took that statement a step further & aimed for a GREAT day by cooking an outstanding breakfast. This sammich is my version of the BOB Ranchero from Whataburger. Pork sausage, fried egg with salsa & jalapenos, topped with American cheese on a toasted bun. (My mouth is watering just typing that) Served up with a hash brown patty, these are an easy option for any meal or snack. While I already had most of the supplies out, I decided to go ahead & make up a bunch of burritos too.

Here's what I did:

mise en place
Hamburger Buns
Hickory Breakfast Sausage
Sliced Cheese
Mrs McArthur's Gardilenos
Texas Brew Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa
Hash Brown Patties
Shredded Cheese

Now for the step by step....
form patties & season eggs for scrambling
begin grilling sausage patties
spray butter onto buns
continue cooking patties & toast buns
while frying the eggs top with salsa & jalapenos
fry the hash brown patties
add sliced cheese to egg & begin plating
what breakfast is complete without a mimosa?
good morning, nay....GREAT morning       

Now that you have fully enjoyed the BOB Rancheros, it's time to work on the burritos before cleaning the kitchen...
brown the sausage
almost done
mix in scrambled eggs & cook completely
finished egg & sausage mixture
begin assembling burritos

start by adding egg & sausage mixture
followed by chopped hash browns
add shredded cheese
top with your favorite salsa
Individually wrapped & frozen for daily breakfasts
bake wrapped at 350° for 20 minutes (thawed) 45 minutes (frozen)
unwrap & bake another 5 minutes or until crisp

That's a wrap!


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