Caroline's Kitchen home of #TamaleMagic

Upon entering the store, you are greeted with the intoxicating aroma of fresh made tamales. I have witnessed & been the recipient of Caroline & Chad's sweet demeanor, always warm & inviting.
They take the time to visit with every customer. It's great when a business owner makes you feel at home & welcome. They truly do appreciate your patronage. I first fell in love with their incredible tamales at the Tomball Farmer's Market.

sampling of pork tamales

topped with Garlicky Greengo

Since that magical day, I have visited the store front a couple of other times. My wife & I have sampled several of the tamales. Our favorites being the Hellgate & Tejas Lonestar Brisket. The owners enjoy naming their creations after interesting stories. Case in point, Chad was telling us about how they named the HellGate tamale after the area inhabited by the Blackfeet tribe in Montana, where he grew up.
The Hellgate is so rich & spicy. "It is a pork Tamale at its foundation but hits you with waves of Ancho chile , Bhut Jolokia(Ghost Pepper), souls of the damned, beef, tears of the criminally insane...and other secret stuff." Word on the street is, that squid ink is added to the turn the masa black.

The Tejas is made using brisket from my favorite BBQ joint, Tejas Chocolate Craftory. I have tried BBQ brisket, pretty much all over the country & NO BODY does it as good as they do!

topped with Tejas Mole sauce 

We also have tried the cheeseburger jalapeno. They too were great! Made even better when topped with  Brew House Queso from Red Brick Tavern

Other fantastic flavors include buffalo chicken, sunshine (mushroom, spinach & quinoa) & chicken cream cheese with jalapeno

salsa cooler

drink cooler


We are extremely eager to try the strawberry cheesecake. It's obviously a popular flavor, as it's always sold out. What I love about the tamales, is that they are thick, with a perfect ratio of masa to filling. There's no skimping on quality here. Excellent hand crafted tamales! I have a 6 pack of the bean, cheese & jalapeno in my freezer now. I can't wait to eat them.


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