El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant, Granite Shoals, TX - Friday 05/05/17

We drove in from Houston to visit our friends, Thomas & Amanda, for the weekend. We were celebrating her recent birthday, Cinco de Mayo & fajita Friday. So we were in a very festive mood.
What we experienced was less than stellar. I would not recommend dining here, let me tell you why:

I like to do a little research before I venture off to a new place. What I found online, should have been a sign to abort mission. Their Facebook page lists the hours of operation as 6am-10pm. We arrived around 8pm, so we didn't think we would have a problem. The menu even states that they close at 10pm.
Turns out, they close at 9pm. We sat there visiting after we finished our meal. Our waitress seemed annoyed. We inquired about closing time. She forcefully stated 9pm! Also, the Facebook has a link to a website for another restaurant in Tennessee with the same name.

We started off with a complimentary basket of chips & salsa. Amanda had eaten here once before & really enjoyed it. This time though, she said the salsa was different. She thinks it was better the last visit.
My tea was served with a spoon that was too short for my cup. Little details like this are maddening to me.
Amanda was wanting to try the Fajita Tropicana. Awesome, it's today's special!

After reading the description, it sounds like a tasty dish (beef fajita, chicken, chorizo & pineapple) Sadly, it was anything but....hard crusty beef, dry chewy chicken & only a hint of chorizo. It also includes a side plate of rice, beans, guacamole salad & ONLY 2 tortillas.
only thing "special" is the free tea

side plate
Shelly & I decided to share an order as well. Plus, I got a crispy taco & a puffy taco. She also selected a barbacoa taco, cheese quesadilla & a puffy taco. (Side story.... A long while back I had seen a TV show where they were making puffy tacos somewhere in New England. The chef said that puffy tacos were a Houston, TX thing. I was puzzled. I have lived in or around HTX my whole life & have never heard of such a thing. I eventually found 1 place that had them, BUT they were listed as San Antonio style. So the hunt continues for Houston style puffy tacos. Any help is greatly appreciated!)
Back to El Tapitio's version.... these were a huge disappointment. They were basically a crumbly fried, tostada. I couldn't even pick it up to eat it. I had to use a fork.

fajita tropicana
crispy taco
"puffy" taco
puffy taco & cheese quesadilla
greasy barbacoa taco

Thomas went with the Pollo Mexicano - chicken breast, zucchini, rice & beans, guacamole salad & ONLY 2 tortillas.
Pollo Mexicano
I emphasize the ONLY 2, because our waitress brought out Thomas & Amanda's 4 corn tortillas in the same serving dish (which is fine, they are a couple) She then tried to take them out of Amanda's hands, while saying, "YOU ONLY GET TWO PER ORDER" We calmly reminded her that all 3 entrees came with tortillas. It was so bizarre. 

Another nicer waitress, delivers a couple of salsa containers. A red & green, that were fantastic. The red was different than what was served with the chips. It tasted better too. 
 Shortly after we were informed of the 9pm closing, we asked for our check. She directs us to the counter where we have to recite back what each of us had ordered. Then to make it even worse, she says "By the way, our credit card machine is down. We can only accept cash. There is an ATM at the store next door."   Luckily, Shelly had enough cash to cover our part of the check, but TnA had to pay the ATM fee to get out cash. Horrible business practice!

Overall great visit with old friends, mediocre food & lackluster service. If you ever find yourself in the area, take my advice.....KEEP DRIVING. 

Caveat emptor


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