Red Brick Tavern

119 Simonton St, Conroe, TX 77301

We have eaten here twice now & can not wait to come back. Everything we have seen come out of the kitchen has looked incredible. Both times the waitstaff has been patient with us; either waiting for us to decide on what we would like to order, or answering a myriad of questions.

Recapping our 1st trip:
I was happy to see that they offer several craft beers & even more excited that you can order a beer flight for only $8!!! A flight consists of 4 - 5oz glasses.

We could not decide on which appetizer sounded the best, so we ordered 3 of them:
Skillet Cornbread - served in a cast iron skillet, creating a nice crisp bottom side. It is slightly sweet, just the way cornbread should be.

 Thai Sweet Chili Wings - These were fantastic. Large, meaty wings that pulled off the bone very easily.

Brew House Queso - This was our favorite. We ordered it again on our second trip. Nice liquid consistency that never gelled like some cheese dips do. It's so good, I had to get some "to go".

to go queso

For our entrees:
Linda & Louis chose to share a bowl of Drunken French onion soup & the BBQ meatloaf.
Louis loved the soup so much, he couldn't stop eating it.
He only let Linda have 1 bite. They both raved about how great the meatloaf was. They were especially impressed with the collard greens.

Shelly & I chose a "split decision" pizza (half Ring of Fire / half Memphis) This pie tasted great, I only wish that the dough held up better to the amount of toppings. That being said, I would still not hesitate to order a pizza here again. The little bits that fell off were a great addition to the left over queso.

We had a yelp coupon for a free desert, but we were all too full to cash it in.

It was very noisy outside due to a carnival, but luckily none of the ruckus could be heard inside.

Our 2nd trip was just as delightful

We of course started with the brilliant Brew House Queso.   

After reading about Red Brick Tavern winning 1st place in the Burger Throwdown, I was eager to try the winning entry. Unfortunately, they had sold out of all the ingredients. Our waiter explained to me that all the products were made fresh in house daily. So I opted for another of their great burgers.

 The Blues Burger would have been delicious if it wasn't for the Gorgonzola. For some reason, I missed that part in the description. Totally my fault. Next time, I'll read more carefully.

Shelly chose the Tejano Burger. This was better than my Blues Burger. We actually ordered these so that we could split them & get to taste 2 different burgers. We tend to do this at a lot of places. It affords us the opportunity to try more offerings.

L&L shared a southwest salad & split the Jimmy Buffet Burger. The kitchen served both of them on 2 separate plates. I think Linda enjoyed the salad the most. She mentioned that the bottom bun was a little soggy. Turns out, all the of our burgers had the same flaw. This only slightly affected the burgers. The patties were seasoned well & cooked perfectly to order.

 This time, we saved room for dessert & used the Yelp coupon pictured above

lemon raspberry cheesecake


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