Talking 'bout Tacos

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week, because it means its time to eat tacos! My wife has started to dread it lol. I remind her that it combines 2 things I enjoy... alliteration & tacos!
So, today's taco trip started with a breakfast of champions. I had some spectacular barbacoa from my favorite BBQ joint, Tejas Chocolate Craftory (full review coming soon) I reheated it in my trusty cast iron pan, then added some diced red onions & sweet peppers. Next, I cracked 3 yard eggs into a bowl & added a good amount of McCormick's Chipotle & roasted garlic. Quick scramble with a fork then poured of the meat & veggie mix in my skillet. 
While my eggs where getting happy happy, I went about heating up some flour tortillas in another cast iron skillet. (I love using cast iron because it's so versatile. I can use it on the cook top, in the oven or even on the BBQ pit/grill. It evenly distributes heat to help cook things to perfection.)
Now that everything is cooked, its time to plate. A couple of spoonfuls of the eggs go first, followed by some cotija cheese. But, dear reader, we best not forget the essential part, the hot sauce. Lets face it, a taco is severely incomplete with out the sauce. These glorious tacos are crying out for some Blue Top Brand lime jalapeno creamy hot sauce.
A little while later, my friend Judy let me know that her restaurant, Rita's Cantina Mexican Kitchen, would be sampling barbacoa today in preparation for their Cinco de Mayo celebration.

As soon as I found out this great news, I went about talking the in-laws into lunch at Rita's. They welcomed my suggestion. Every time we arrive, Judy greets us with a huge smile. She is genuinely happy that we are there. This is a great feeling as a customer; It's one of the main reasons we keep returning. I have lost track at the number of times that we have eaten here, but every time is amazing.  Her husband Javier, is an excellent chef who exhibits passion with every dish he creates. Today was no different.

We started off with a bowl of queso. Pro tip: order this "dirty". They add taco meat, guacamole & pico de gallo to the cheese. On the side is a generous portion of sliced jalapenos & diced tomatoes. Simply awesome! Mother-in-law could not stop raving about how delicious the queso. She especially liked it on the house made flour tortillas.

house made tortilla

We each ordered a sangria margarita to enjoy with our lunch. The margaritas are always strong here!
Linda chose the "CREATE YOUR OWN" combo with cheese enchilada, crispy beef taco, cheese chili relleno, rice & charro beans.
Louis had the ENCHILADAS AL CARBON - two Pork, Chicken or Beef fajita enchiladas topped with red sauce and cheese. Served with rice, beans and salad.
Shelly went with one of her & Judy's favorite, the FLAUTAS - two chicken flautas served with rice, beans, sour cream, and guacamole salad.

 Plus she added 1 barbacoa taco.
I decided to go old school with TACOS (3) $9.99 (Choice crispy or soft Taco) Your choice of ground beef or chicken ranchero topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese. Served with rice and beans.
ground beef crispy tacos

Plus I also added 1 barbacoa taco. (they brought both out on 1 plate)

Here are some pictures from our last few visits:

Continuing with our theme of the day, we made beer batter fried fish tacos for dinner. We dipped snapper into some Corona beer batter, then into panko bread crumbs (both seasoned with St. Martin Fish Seasoning) then fried till golden brown.

Once plated, we topped each taco with HEB's mango pico de gallo & some Tex-Mex spicy salad dressing. I also grilled up a few sweet peppers. I was extremely happy with the way these tacos turned out! 

Shelly found these taco trucks on Amazon


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