I constantly see folks asking for homemade rubs & sauces, so I figured I would make my personal recipes public. These are inexpensive & extremely easy to make. Of course, like with any recipe, you should adjust it as needed to suit your tastes. 

Let's begin with my pork & poultry rub:

1/2 cup       Brown Sugar
1/4 cup       Paprika
1 tbsp          Black Pepper
1 tbsp          Salt
1 tbsp          Chili powder
1 tbsp          Garlic powder
1 tbsp          Onion powder
1 tbsp          Cayenne
1 tbsp          Cinnamon

Awesome on ABT's
ABT's & bacon wrapped hot dogs
Phenomenal on pork ribs
Perfect for pork belly
Terrific on turkey breasts
Great for chicken
Even excellent on deviled eggs

Next is my general purpose beef rub:

3 Tbsp     Salt
3 Tbsp     Garlic powder
2 Tbsp     Black pepper
2 Tbsp     Brown sugar
1 tsp        Chipotle powder

Roast & Stroganoff
I was able to get several cuts on sale
cube steak
short ribs
finger ribs



Now that we have all that wonderful meat cooked, we need a sauce!

Hungry Heath BBQ Sauce*
1-1/2 cups     Brown Sugar
1-1/4 cups     Ketchup
1/2 cup          Red Wine Vinegar
1/2  cup         DR Pepper
1 shot            Bourbon
1 Tbsp          Worcestershire Sauce
2-1/2 tsp       Ground Mustard
2 tsp              Paprika
1-1/2 tsp       Salt
1 tsp              Black Pepper

*adapted from this recipe
blend it all together

Quality control shot
setting up for bottling
ready for the fridge

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


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