amis trattoria

 amis trattoria - 412 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

The family & I visited on Sunday 09/10/17. Our server, Javas G, took splendid care of us. He was quick with refills & made great menu recommendations. The complementary olive oil bread was moist and decadent.
olive oil bread

We were sat in a half booth that resembled a church pew. There was an excellent view of the busy kitchen. We were able to see numerous tantalizing plates, waiting to be delivered to hungry diners.
bustling kitchen

While I sipped on a Amis Punch (aperol, tito's vodka, lemon) the 5 of us enjoyed the following dishes:
Amis Punch
bruschetta - mortadella mousse / Not my favorite. reminded me of potted meat or canned ham. My wife really liked it though.
salumi e formaggi - marinated olives / I'm not a fan of olives, but the rest of the table loved these.
salumi e formaggi - bufalo mozzarella with Three Springs nectarines / This was terrific. It's hard to not like mozzarella.
antipasti di carne - Sal's old school meatballs with tomato potato / This normally comes with only 3 meatballs. Javas suggested we add 2 more, so we each got a whole piece.
il quinto quarto (the fifth course) - almond dusted sweetbreads with fennel marmalade / This was my 1st time ever eating sweetbreads. It wasn't unpleasant, but I'm not sure I'm in a hurry to order them again anytime soon. Nothing about made me excited.
pasta - bucatini with jalapeno and almond pesto / This dish was scrumptious. I loved the large chunks of jalapeno. The olive oil bread was perfect to mop up the extra sauce.
pasta - rigatoni all'amatriciana / I think tomatoes are groovy. This plate was packed full of them. It was tasty, but I wish it would have had more meat. Again, the sauce provided another excuse to eat more of that awesome bread.
contorni - polenta with brown butter / My MIL is almost obsessed with polenta. As soon as I saw it on the menu, I knew we were ordering it. After we each had a sample, she finished the bowl.
dolci - Mom-Mom's rice pudding / Again, MIL's choice. I've never liked rice pudding. This one was no different.
dolci - tiramisu (off menu) / This was my dessert selection. It was rich, creamy & a delicious ending to a wonderful meal.

If you are ever in the area do yourself a favor & reserve a table. #fatboyapproved


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