Han Dynasty

This was some of the best Asian cuisine I have ever had. Absolutely extraordinary! Everything is served family style. The suggested idea, is to order several different dishes for the whole table to share. This is exactly what we did. This is actually our preferred way to dine at a new place. We love sampling multiple items from the menu. Our waitress, Yumi, was great! She helped us tailor each dish to our spice level & also brought a bowl of the house made chili sauce for us too add to our individual plates. The menu states, (1-10) are the spice levels. We can alter the spice level to your taste.
house made chili sauce 
house made chili sauce 
We started with a few drinks, a Yuengling for myself, the Shifu's Tea for my BIL,  & a ginger ale for my MIL. My wife & FIL enjoyed the complimentary hot tea.

Next we selected a few 前菜/熱 Hot Appetizers:

春卷 Spring Roll (2 pieces) - we got 3 orders, enough for the table
鍋貼 Fried Dumplings - chicken

Then some 特別推薦麵食 Authentic Noodles

成都旦旦麵 Dan Dan Noodle (3)
成都旦旦麵 Dan Dan Noodle (3) plated

 主菜 Entrees:
魚香系列 Garlic Sauce Style (3)
"Sweet, sour, and spicy." Stir fried with ginger, garlic, bamboo,
wood ear mushrooms, and bell peppers. 雞 Chicken

辣子系列 Dry Pepper Style (3)
Triple flash fried with long hot and dry chili peppers.
雞 Chicken

Steamed white rice - they bring as much as you want

steamed bao buns

All of us LOVED the food! What we did not love was what happened upon arrival...

I made reservations via Yelp, a week in advance for Saturday 09/09/17 @ 8:30pm. The restaurant called at 12:20pm to verify my reservation. My wife answered my phone, reminded them that we would be a party of 5, with my FIL being in a wheelchair. The girl from the restaurant told her "We have a round table that will be perfect for you. You are all set. See you tonight." We arrived at 8:11pm & checked in with the hostess. She informs us that "someone" had not seen the notes on our reservation & had given away our table! We were not seated until 8:48pm, after they had to put 2 different height tables together to accommodate us.  I was a little disappointed that I had to suggest this solution, otherwise our wait would have been well over an hour. The manager did apologize several times, but that was his extent to rectify the issue.


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