Chef Liu Restaurant 重庆餐馆

 I was invited to come try out a new Sichuan eatery, Chef Liu Restaurant 重庆餐馆, in the Sharpstown area of Southwest Houston. Typically this would be an hour drive from my house. Luckily, we were in the neighborhood today.  Almost every Saturday, my wife & I go "treasure hunting" for her antique shop. Hooray for perfect timing! Every thing we had was terrific. Owner, Shanquan "Brooks" Li, visited our table and explained a few things about his restaurant. How they have only been open since April 2017. They are so new & authentic that half of the menu is not in English. They plan to add more items to the menu. Also, he wants to open a sister location that would offer a fast casual dining for business lunches. 

Today we sampled 2 appetizers & 3 entrees. We over ordered. We seem to do this A LOT at new places. We just want to try everything! We canceled our dinner reservations & will be having leftovers instead. 

I wonder what this could be...
Stellar steamed white rice
Hot and Sour Starch Noodles
Sour and spicy. Sweet potato starch noodles with peanuts.
Nice crunch with perfect spice & rice wine vinegar flavor.
 Einstein approves of this "artsy" photo
Orange Beef
Orange, sweet. Beef with onions and bell peppers.
This sauce was so good. I should have asked for some to go
Gele Mountain Chili Chicken
Mala. Bone-in rooster chicken or boneless chicken, chili. (Shelly was really excited about the level 5 spice)
a mountain of flavor - my tongue is still tingling
needs more peppers lol
magnificent mini eggrolls
I'm not sure what all was in these, but I could make out some cabbage.
fantastic fried dumplings
I snapped a photo, right before Brooks & family sat down
Don't forget to check Yelp for freebies
you can even buy prepackaged seasonings
what shall I make with this?
dining room
peppery pic
more of the dining room


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