Anniversary Weekend part 2 - KD’s Diner, Treasure Hunting & Beavers

Picking up where we left off last episode... 
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We woke up & went searching for a "greasy spoon" type place for breakfast. My wife & I both love the dive type joints. When we travel, we try hard to avoid the touristy type restaurants. Our search lead us to KD’s Diner. This place is so old school that they don't even have a website. I could only find there Facebook page. The dining room is TINY, ( 9 tables + limited bar seating) but we only had to wait about 15 minutes. A few of the reviews we read mentioned that service was a little lack luster. When we arrived there was no warm greetings & when a table opened up, the waitress randomly yelled "Next in line!"  After we sat down, she tossed 2 menus in the center of the table & asked what we would like to drink. Once she returned with our drinks, her whole demeanor changed & it was a delightful experience from there on out. Shelly started with an "appetizer" pancake, plus the Ham Steak & Eggs - 6 oz bone-in ham steak, 2 eggs, grits or hashbrowns, toast or biscuit. While I chose The Rafferty - KD's special over hashbrowns served with 2 eggs on top & jalapenos. 
appetizer pancake
Ham Steak & Eggs - 6 oz bone-in ham steak, 2 eggs, hashbrowns with cheese, & a biscuit
The Rafferty - KD's special over hashbrowns served with 2 eggs on top & jalapenos + bacon bits

 sexy egg action
sample menu pic 1
sample menu pic 2
accidental selfie - too funny to leave out lol

After enjoying an outstanding breakfast we went for a drive around Lake Charles enjoying the scenery while treasure hunting for my wife's antique shop, Shelly's Select Salvages. I actually took several pics of some interesting old houses, but like a dummy, I deleted them. *sigh* Luckily I didn't delete the pic of our unique finds. Look for them to be listed for sale soon. 

tissue for wrapping sold items, dishes & knickknacks

As we made our way back home, I needed to refuel. I can't think of a better place to stop than Buc-ee's! If you're road tripping, Buc-ee's has the cleanest bathrooms. The travel center in Baytown, TX is especially nice. It's so big, you could spend hours in there just looking at the stuff. We decided to grab some snacks & a couple bottles of sauce. (That we later used to make chicken wings in our Instant Pot. You can see that here on my Facebook page)

google logo pic
found this pic via google search
adding to our sauce collection

After we left the giant gas station we headed to Pinehurst, TX to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. That part of the story will be told in part 3 of our tale. See ya soon...


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