2018 Road Trip - Day 05

Saturday 09.08.18 - Spending the day in Cleveland, Ohio

We started off the day with a perfect stick to your ribs breakfast of biscuits & gravy at Jake's On The Lake. We both added a side of bacon. The bacon came really crispy, just as we like it. The biscuits were VERY good & the sausage gravy was thick. They serve it in a bowl so it looks like gravy soup.

After pulling out some cash at a nearby ATM we went to an estate sale, where we found a few treasures for our antique shop, Shelly's Select Salvages.

Next we visited Malley's Chocolates, to buy a few snacks.

Afterwards, we refueled before attending 6 more estate sales. We scored a bunch more inventory!

One of the main goals of this trip was to eat at Mable's BBQ. It is owned by my favorite celebrity chef, Michael Symon.
BBQ is one of my most favorite foods, & this was an extraordinary good meal! Our waitress, Nicole was awesome. She was quick to refill our drinks & answer any questions we had. After selecting a couple of cocktails, we started with, as the menu calls them,"Pig Parts"... Salt & vinegar cracklins served with a dill dip. Then we ordered almost all their meat options (minus the turkey & beef ribs). Along with baked beans & melon salad.

Hi-Octane Cherry Coke (Old Crow Bourbon, Cherry Liqueur, Amaretto-Steeped Cherry) / Symon’s Sipper (Early Time’s Bourbon, Lemonade, Iced Tea) / House BBQ Sauce

Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce
Cracklin’ Salt and Vinegar & Lawson’s Chip Dip


Pork Belly (with Maple and Mustard glaze)

Lamb Ribs (Half Slab)

J&J Kielbasa (Hot with Cheese)

Pork Spare Ribs (Half Slab) & Moist Brisket

Meat & ribs served with Cleveland pickles, Cleveland kraut & rye bread

Melon Salad (Lime, Mint, & Fresno Chili) & Baked Beans (Brisket & Smoked JalapeƱo)

We bought an autographed copy as a souvenir

Here's what we thought about each component:

  • Ribs - sweet with a crusty spice blend. 
  • Brisket - super moist, fork tender, but I would love more bark. 
  • Lamb ribs - why doesn't every BBQ joint do these? Pure yumminess. 
  • Sausage - had the right amount of cheese, though could be spicier. A little dry.
  • Baked beans - flavor was good, but they needed to be cooked longer, as to not be so hard.
  • Melon salad - surprised by the hot peppers. Otherwise nice refreshing salad
If we are ever in the area again, we will FOR SURE be dining here again. 

After that glorious meal, we drove by the Birthplace of Superman - Jerry Siegel's House. Then on to Costco to pick up an mattress liner to make the bed at the AirBNB more comfortable.

We were so tired from the day's activities that we decided not to go out for dinner. Instead, we ordered delivery pizza from Doughboy’s Pizza & Wings. It had a great flavor, that wasn't too greasy. I thought it was a little odd how they lined up the pepperoni on each slice.

Well. that does it for today's "Dear Diary" entry. My next installment will cover more of our fun times in the great city of Cleveland.


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