2018 Road Trip - Day 06

Sunday 09.09.18 - Another Day in Cleveland, Ohio

We started off the day by dining at the Prosperity Social Club where we enjoyed a delightful fish fry. The fish was great, small pieces, not greasy, & went well with the tartar sauce. I added a side of bacon to mine. It was all terrific!

Fish Fry
Hand battered haddock, homemade tartar, potato hash, slaw

Fish Fry + Bacon
Hand battered haddock, homemade tartar, potato hash, slaw

After that delicious meal, we went to visit the house from the movie, A Christmas Story. Across the street from the actual home from the movie is a small museum

After we left there, we headed out to see the Big Wagon at the Ranch of the Daredevil Woman. Daredevil rider Adele Von Ohl Parker was stranded here during the Great Depression, stayed, and brought the Wild West to Ohio.

My sweet Shelly absolutely LOVES soup dumplings. So she was overjoyed, when we found her a place in Cleveland that served them. After we arrived at LJ Shanghai, the joy quickly faded.
Here is what Shelly wrote on Yelp, "I love soup dumplings and was excited to try these while visiting Cleveland. The lady greeted us and got us to a table.  Shortly, a man appeared delivering 2 glasses of water, bowls, and spoons.  He had the personality of a wet sock, didn't introduce himself or ask what we wanted to drink.  He seemed like he didn't even want to be here and we were disturbing him. I asked for hot tea and he informed me that they don't have hot tea.  Yes, a Chinese restaurant has no hot tea even though I found prior photos and comments that they did at one time.  I've never come across this, so I wonder if he just didn't feel like making it. We ordered our food and it did come out promptly.  It was okay, not bad and far from great.  I know I'm spoiled by the huge Asian food scene in Houston, but I just expected more." I personally think that their menu leaves a lot to be desired as well. There was no real descriptions of each dish. 

Egg Rolls
Fried Pork
Soup Dumplings
Spicy Beef Soup

By this time, the weather had began to get ugly. It was raining pretty hard so we elected to return back to the house to do some laundry and rest up after the last few long days. Later that evening I began to grow hungry again, so I convinced the wife that we should order delivery again. This time we chose Pizza By Robert, due to a flyer left by our host. Here are the notes I jotted down after the meal:
  • 9" Taco Pizza -  Good, flavors but would be better if they subbed marinara for salsa. I loved the crispy edges on the dough.
  • Italian Sub - Good sammich, your basic Italian sub 

9" Taco Pizza
Seasoned Ground Beef, Onion, Tomato & Three Cheeses, with a side of Salsa, Lettuce & Sour Cream

Italian Sub
Sliced Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Lettuce, and Tomato, with a Swiss/American blend cheese

Stay tuned for my next installment where we bravely try Cleveland Mexican food before visiting The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


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