2018 Road Trip - Day 08

Tuesday 09.11.18 - Onward to Charleston, West Virginia

We started off the day by fueling up at the near by Costco, before visiting Brewnuts. These huge donuts make for a very filling breakfast. They are incredibly dense & packed with flavor.

6501 Detroit Ave Cleveland, OH 44102
souvenir sticker for my beer fridge

Next, we drove almost 3 hours before landing at our lunch destination of Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace. We shared three tasty dogs & a bowl of chili mac n' cheese. This joint has a nice little gimmick going for them, plus a pretty extensive menu. I would love to try more items if we find ourselves in the area again.

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace
248 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215

The Texas Tommy
Bacon-wrapped dog smothered with cheese sauce

Puff the Magic Popper
Cheddar cream cheese, jalapeƱos, & bacon bits

Zippity Zam
Sriracha cream cheese & roasted red peppers

Chili Mac
Our creamy, dreamy, Mac & Cheese with a heaping helping of coney sauce & topped with onion

  • Zippity Zam - We loved the the red peppers, but felt like this dog just needed something else to make it exceptional. 
  • Texas Tommy - bacon wrapped dog with cheese, what's not to love.? YUMMY!
  • Puff The Magic Popper - our favorite, we loved the cream cheese and fresh jalapenos.
  • Chili mac - This was not really what I was expecting, it was served with chili already mixed into the mac n' cheese. When we make it at home, it's mac n' cheese topped with chili. It tasted alright, but would have been better if it was spicier & creamer.

Now it's time for more site seeing. First was a visit to the Statue of Mothman
"...the Mothman is a creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled "Couples See Man-Sized Bird /Creature/Something". The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the United States."

Mothman Statue
201 4th St, Point Pleasant, WV 25550

Next we traveled to Huntington, West Virginia to see the Three Big Green Buffalo

Copper Buffalo
Three life-size copper buffalo are thundering through the Marshall University campus. They are in front of the Chris Cline Athletic Complex building. The building does not need to be open to see the buffalo.

Three Big Green Buffalo
2263 3rd Ave., Huntington, WV

Then we shared a cheeseburger & a strawberry shake at  the Frostop Drive-In. We each got a signature root beer, since it's there own brew. This is a pretty neat old fashioned drive in. They still have car hops, that come to your window to take your order. Our burger wasn't very impressive, but it wasn't awful either. Aside from the awesome root beer, we mainly went for the nostalgia factor & to get a pic of the rotating root beer mug on top of the building.

Frostop Drive-In
1449 Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington, WV

We had four more sites from Roadside America, to check out before we got to our hotel for the night. First was a tall giraffe statue painted pink and green seemed to be associated with a car sales lot and storage facility next to it.

Pink and Green Giraffe
3440 US Hwy 60, Huntington, WV

Second was a Pink Elephant at LL Roe Insurance Agency Barboursville, West Virginia

Pink Elephant at LL Roe Insurance Agency
US Hwy 60, Barboursville, WV

Third was the statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe in Nitro, West Virginia
Fiberglass versions of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox.

Paul Bunyan Statue
4400 1st Ave, Nitro, WV   

Our fourth stop was the Shoney's Big Boy Museum in Charleston, West Virginia. I feel like this one was a little bit misleading. There was no actual museum, just a random display case in the middle of a parking lot. 

Shoney's Big Boy Museum
1600 Kanawha Blvd W, Charleston, WV 25387

Finally, we arrived at our hotel. We chose the Holiday Inn Express Charleston-Kanawha City because we got to use our IHG points for a free room.


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