2018 Road Trip - Day 13

Sunday 09.16.18 - Walking Dead Around Atlanta, Georgia
Today is one of the most anticipated days of this trip. We are going to visit several areas associated with one of our favorite television shows, The Walking Dead. First, we drive about an hour south to the little town of Senoia, GA. Located here is the Walking Dead Cafe, where we had some coffee & tea, then walked thru their "museum". Attached to this building is The Woodbury Shoppe, where we bought a souvenir street sign.

We next walked around town while waited for Nic & Norman's to open. Once they were open, we sat down to order a bowl of chili & a couple of burgers. The bison chili tasted good but I have to give them negative points for beans & corn. Also, it really needed jalapenos. Chili should be spicy. The cornbread muffin was really good as well.
“Sobering comfort food.”

Tisk, Tisk... If you know beans about chili, chili ain't got beans!

I'm obviously a slow learner, because I once again ordered a bison burger. The idea sounds great but what happens is I receive a disappointing dry patty. Maybe one day I will stop setting my self up for this sorrow. The star here, was the sidewinder fries, a cross between curly and steak fries.  
Bison patty, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon and N&N sauce. (mustard, mayo, ketchup & ranch dressing

My sweet Shelly raved about her Mexican burger saying it was the best so far on this trip. The ooey gooey cheese covered the patty and bottom bun. The jalapenos added the right amount of spice. The patty was juicy and tasty. The salad was a perfect side. I think I got out Whataburgered.
A proprietary blend of ground chuck, short rib and brisket patty, with grilled jalapeƱo, avocado and cilantro-lime mayo and melted queso.

After lunch, we continued on the TWD Self Guided Tour.

Alexandria Safe Zone - 76 Morgan St. Senoia, Ga

Pudding House - 239 Plyant St. Senoia, Ga

Terminus Sign/Railroad Bridge - 33.29834, -84.5521

Enid's Flashback - 33.30027, -84.55508

Now back towards Atlanta...

Season 1 Poster Site - 33.7602, -84.37452

Sadly, the road was too busy with traffic to get a decent picture.

Terminus (S4 & S5) 33.73154, -84.39819

We gave up trying to find anymore sites. We were feeling tired so we went back to the hotel where we had a nice surprise waiting for us.

After we woke up from our nap, it was time to go eat Sunday Supper at JCT Kitchen and Bar.

Sunday Supper prefix menu & Shelly's mocktail

They started us off with some biscuits,whipped apple butter & standard apple butter jam. These biscuits were close to perfection, I had to ask for extras.  The apple butter went perfect.  Shelly loved the jam as it had some acidity.
Warm Biscuits

Next up was some deviled eggs that were pretty tasty. I wish there had been more than two of them. It was an twist to top them with ham, but it worked.
Deviled Eggs & Country Ham

Followed by a salad with thin sliced green apples, blue cheese, and pecans with a creamy dressing. This was an excellent summertime salad. 
Local Greens and GA Apples

I chose the fried chicken and this was Damn near best fried chicken I've ever had.  I was given a wing, thigh, breast, along with bread & butter pickles.
bread & butter pickles

Shelly opted for the fried pork cutlet served with bacon mayo and lemon slice.  Tender great crunch with the panko batter.  The lemon added acidity while the bacon mayo gave a great creamy fatty note.
bacon mayo, parsley salad

The sides we picked were mashed potatoes with brown gravy, mac and cheese, and heirloom tomatoes.  Loved the mac it was creamy, had bacon bits, and everything a growing boy needs.  We both agreed the mashed potatoes were over mashed and too thin, to the point they were almost watery.  The tomatoes were all different sizes and color. I sprinkled some salt and let them soak that in.  Great for cleansing the palate from all the fried meats.
brown butter chicken gravy

bacon, aged cheddar

evoo, basil
Dessert tonight was a brown sugar pie, something I've never heard of.  It had the consistency of a brownie, and topped with fresh whip cream.  It wasn't my thing, but Shelly loved it and quickly finished my slice.  Since it was my birthday, they served my slice with a candle.


Now it was time to go back to the hotel & pack up all our things, because tomorrow we are leaving for Biloxi, Mississippi.


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