2019 World Cruise - Day 4

Sunday 01.06.19 - An Exciting Day at Sea

Stock photo from Princess.com

We started the day off with breakfast in the main dining room.
I had pancakes, sausage & bacon. Sadly, my pancakes were a little overcooked, while the bacon & sausage links were cooked correctly. I really wish they had patties instead of links. A little Bravado Spice makes everything better.

I love this sauce on pancakes & waffles

Shelly ordered hard boiled eggs, bacon & toast. She had to send the eggs back because they were soft boiled. Her bacon & toast were both cooked perfectly.

Afterwards we stopped at the Club bar for coffee & a danish. The Pacific Princess does not have an International Cafe, so they offer small snacks throughout the day at the Club Bar.

We went to the 10am Enrichment Lecture: Forensic Science - DNA Testing Decoded with Gary Koverman in the Cabaret Lounge on deck 5. I found the speaker a bit scatterbrained. One of the reasons I like cruising on Princess is they offer great enrichment lectures; each segment it will be a different speaker on different topics.
It wasn't as interesting as I was expecting, so we left to attend the World Cruise Welcome at 10:15am in the Pacific Lounge, deck 10. We arrived a little late & had to sit on the side of the room. Great introduction to ships officers and a couple of free drinks.

Afterwards, we went to the 11am Cruise Critic Meet & Greet taking place in the Sterling Steakhouse, hosted by Tom & Rosemary. This was a great social event and way to meet fellow cruisers.
Then it was time to go eat lunch, again in the main dining room.
I started with some mussels, that were slightly overcooked & hard to remove from the shell. But they were tasty once I dipped in the sauce.
New Zealand Green Shell Mussels
with basil, anchovies and balsamic reduction

For my entree, I chose the Philly steak sandwich, which was a pretty good sandwich, but next time I'll order it with double meat. Tip: if you like crispy fries be sure to tell your waiter you want extra crispy fries.
Philly Steak Sandwich on Toasted French Baguette
smothered onions and cheddar cheese melt, crisp fries

Doesn't this look like it needs more meat?

Shelly started with the Thai hot & sour soup. "It had good spices with a few mushrooms and a couple shrimp. I order this anytime it's on the menu."
Thai Hot & Sour Soup
seasoned with chili flakes and rice wine vinegar

For her entree, she ordered the chicken korma. "It was creamy and tender chicken drenched in gravy. The server brings a tray full of different accompaniments. I selected almonds, cilantro, coconut, raisins, and mango chutney. These all add texture and contrasting flavors to the dish."
Chicken Korma
midly spiced and served with basil rice, raisins and almonds, condiments

condiment tray

For dessert, I went with the chocolate chip cookie ice cream. This is your basic old school yummy ice cream.

For her dessert, Shelly chose the fresh fruit tartlet. "This was surprisingly light with melon, berries, and pineapple slices on top of cream in a soft tart shell."
Fresh Fruit Tartlet
with whipping cream

Then it was back to the room where Shelly watched TV while I worked on my blog. I bought the premium internet package & I am trying to make a new blog post every sea day. Then we headed to Nibbles where they were serving wheel of Stilton with port wine & walnut baguettes.
my plate

Shelly's plate

Afterwards, we grabbed some beach towels from the pool area, to keep in our room. The standard towels they provide in our stateroom feel like I'm drying off with a hand towel.
Standard towel

Beach towels

Next, I went to take pictures of the dinner menu, so I could decide on which hot sauce to bring with me.

While en route, I noticed that there was a photo op for the Discovery Channel Green Screen. I grabbed the wife & we went back down to take some fun photos. We got to pose for Deadliest Catch, star gazing, Bigfoot, & a shark attack. Then it was back to the room to change clothes for dinner. 

7:45pm Dinner in the Main Dining Room

They added this slip to the menu in case you wanted to order from the steakhouse

I started with oysters Rockefeller. This was OK. I’m not sure I would order it again. Usually it’s served “on the half shell” but these were not. It was just a few tiny oysters on a bed of spinach, topped with cheese sauce.
Oysters Rockefeller
baked oysters over garlic spinach gratinated with cheese sauce

I also had a Caesar salad (+Caribbean jerk crab meat from the burger). I have always enjoyed a good Caesar Salad, this one was even better with the addition of the crab. Any of the salads you can ask for meat to be added, just see what is offered that day. Another dish used the crab meat so I was able to add it to my salad.
Caesar Salad (+Caribbean Jerk Crab Meat from the burger)
crisp romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese and herb croutons

Shelly & I both chose the Tagliatelle al Sugo d’Aragosta, as our entree. I thought this was another good dish that could have been great if it had more meat. The waiter was kind enough to bring us some red pepper flake to enhance the heat level. She says, "Yum! Bits of lobster in this bowl of pasta with a light coating of tomato sauce. The pepper flakes were an excellent addition."
Tagliatelle al Sugo d’Aragosta
pasta ribbons in brandied lobster and tomato cream with chopped tarragon

For her apps, Shelly had the fruit kebabs. The kiwi & winter melon served with lavender honey cream. "I loved this! The fruit was served in small chunks kebab style, then had a lovely dip that was slightly sweet with soft lavender hints."
Tropical Fruit Kabobs with Papaya with Kiwi and Winter Melon
with lavender-honey cream dip

Shelly also had the herbed chicken & wonton soup. "This was a nice brothy soup with one wonton and a few mushrooms. I enjoy a brothy soup."
Herbed Chicken & Wonton Soup
flavored with enoki and shiitake mushrooms, lemongrass and spring onions

We skipped dessert because we wanted to make sure we got to the Cabaret Lounge in time to see The Alley Cats performance. This has been one of our favorite performers, funny and sang great doo-wop. The Alley Cats are America’s Doo-Wop group, serving up a perfect blend of 1950’s & 60’s hits and hilarious comedy.

After the show, we turned in for the night, ready for another sea day tomorrow.


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