2019 World Cruise - Day 7

Wednesday 01.09.19 - Another Sea Day & Shelly's Birthday

As we left the cabin, headed for breakfast, we noticed that they had decorated for Shelly's birthday & left her a card in the mail box.

Up in the buffet, I had a nice sunny side up egg, English bacon, sausage, stir fry vegetables, very mild salsa & toast.

The birthday girl had an omelette loaded with jalapenos, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, ham, and peppers.  She topped it with some very mild salsa.

She also had a couple of items from the pastry station. A blueberry danish & a chocolate croissant.

Afterwards, we just hung out in the room, watched some TV & I worked on the blog, until it was time to go eat lunch in the main dining room.

We both started with the mozzarella sticks. These were large tasty breaded cheese sticks. Shelly said, "It was lots of gooey cheese but I found the breading a bit thick." 
Crunchy Fried Mozzarella Sticks
with marinara dipping sauce

Next, I had the New England clam chowder. This was a thin broth with really no remarkable flavor. I didn’t even bother finishing it.
New England Clam Chowder
with oyster crackers

Shelly didn't really seem to enjoy here matzah balls soup. "It was a brothy soup with julienne veggies, that was little bit too salty."
Chicken Broth with Matzah Balls
and julienne of fine vegetables

For my entree, I had a pretty good lasagna. I think it would be better with more sauce, but the meat to cheese ratio was spot on.
Lasagna Bolognese
layered pasta sheets with minced beef and creamy cheese sauce

Shelly chose the triple decker chicken club sandwich. She liked the thinly sliced chicken breast, bacon, and added extra mayo.
Triple Decker Chicken Club Sandwich
with bacon, lettuce, tomato and potato chips

For dessert we both had the stracciatella ice cream. This was not much different than the chocolate chip ice cream from a few days ago, but it was still yummy.
Stracciatella Ice Cream

After lunch I went back to the room & Shelly went downstairs to make a sign for when we go through the Panama Canal in few days from now. 

A few hours later we went upstairs for Nibbles and today's feature item was fresh made guacamole, before attending the Cabaret Showtime: Stardust. This was one of the best production we have seen aboard a ship. I was so impressed with the show, that I forgot to take any photos.

Dinner Time!

I started with the delicious salmon and crayfish app. This would make a great entree. I think it would also be better with some crackers.
Cold Smoked Salmon and Soused Crayfish Tails
bloody mary marinated crayfish served with dilled cucumber salad

Next was the deep fried sushi. This sounded better than what arrived. It would have been better if it was cooked to order. It tasted as though they mass produced them, plated for service, & they set till ordered. Shelly also tried this and said,  "the wasabi gave a nice kick, the kimchi was a different addition to sushi.  The rolls were fried then cut in thin slices. I wished it was served fresher as the tempura was spongy not crispy." 
Deep Fried Sushi with Bacardi Wasabi Emulsion and Kimchi
tempura fried vegetable rice rolls and spicy marinated cabbage
winning dish of the 6th annual Bacardi bartender & chef cruise competition awarded to Princess Cruises

She ordered the salad with a creamy vinaigrette. 
Garden Mixed Greens, Radicchio & Cucumber Shoestrings
choice of homemade and low-fat dressings

For my entree I chose the outstanding beef short ribs. I loved the rich thick gravy served atop tender pieces of meat. 
Red Wine and Shiitake Braised Beef Short Ribs
with a side of root vegetables, baby onions and forked mash potatoes

For her entree, Shelly had the pot pie. "The size is perfect and the filling was thick, lots of chunks of white Turkey, carrots, and peas.  The crust was a perfect flaky golden brown.  The trick a table mate did was flip his over so the crust was on the bottom with all the filling now on top.  He said this way you get the crust and filling with every bite.  I am definitely trying that in the future!" 
Home-Style Cuisine: Classic Turkey Pot Pie
white meat & vegetables bound in creamy wine sauce baked in flaky pastry

Shortly after clearing our plates, the waitstaff returned to sing Happy Birthday to Shelly & give her an off menu cake.  The cake is a rich big slice that we shared with the whole table.

Off Menu: Chocolate Celebration Cake

They returned with the daily dessert menu.

Shelly selected a mediocre souffle.
Decadent Drambuie Souffle
pear anglaise

I originally ordered ice cream, but somehow our waiter forgot. He brought me a frozen chocolate praline torte and said, “The kitchen threw away the ice cream, but this is better!” Turns out, he was correct. 
Frozen Chocolate Praline Torte
almond Florentine crisp

With full bellies, we retired to our cabin. I'm excited for tomorrow because we are going thru the Panama Canal. This is my second time through, but we will be going the opposite direction and in a small ship.  


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