2019 World Cruise - Day 12

Monday 01.14.19 - Yet Another Sea Day

We started off this sea day with another visit to the breakfast buffet. I had biscuits with bacon gravy, scrambled eggs, an English banger & sausage links. Biscuits & gravy is a staple in the Southern states. Since there are very few Americans on staff for the crew of these cruise ships, no one has taught the kitchen how to make correct biscuits. These were rather dense but the gravy helped make them edible enough to satisfy a craving. 
mmmmm, biscuits & gravy

Shelly had her obligatory omelette, along with some cottage cheese & an English muffin. 
Omelette topped with mild salsa

After breakfast, we attended the 10am Enrichment Lecture: Blood Spatter, With Gary Koverman. This was another interesting talk. Some days he was rushed to get finished so they could have bingo in the same venue. 

Next up was lunch in the main dining room. 

I started with a cup of delicious Manhattan clam chowder. 
Manhattan Clam Chowder with Tomato
served with oyster crackers

Followed by a large bowl of perfect pappardelle. I really loved this dish. The ragout was terrific. Only thing that would make it better, would be more meat. 
Pappardelle Ribbons with Duckling Strips
tossed in red wine demi-glace and leek ragout

I finished my meal with two scoops of awesome chocolate fudge ice cream, that reminded me of Blue Bell’s dutch chocolate.
Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

Shelly started off her lunch with a sad cup of soup. She said it had lots of spinach, & good broth but hardly any chicken. 
Chicken Broth with Spinach and Rice

For her entree, she had the teriyaki chicken and fried rice. "The teriyaki chicken was a stir fry with lots of vegetables including snap peas, my favorite. The fried rice was nice and better with soy sauce.  Great dish for lunch."
Teriyaki Chicken with Chinese Fried Rice
served with market fresh vegetables

Again she did not order dessert 😲 I threw my hands in the air in disbelief, as we walked over to the Cabaret Lounge to attend the immensely informative Navigation at Sea seminar. 

On the way out of the seminar, I stopped to get a drink from the bar & also a mini croissant sandwich.

Then we went back to the room to watch Catch Me If You Can & to work on my blog post covering day 4 of our 2018 road trip.

We changed clothes & headed out to the Captain's Circle Party for drinks & hors d'oeuvres. 

Then it was time for another set of formal photos.

Followed by the second formal dinner with the great folks of table thirty four. 

I started with one of the best apps I've had this whole vacation. The crab souffle, was surprisingly better than expected. It was so decadently creamy with a slight heat.
Crab Souffle
dry sherry red pepper cream

I wasn’t too impressed with my next app. The big island pineapple was alright, but nothing special. It probably would have been better at the end of the meal, as a palate cleanser.
Honey & Rum Roasted Big Island Pineapple
strawberry-coconut relish with candied ginger

Luckily my cup of chowder packed enough flavor to make up for what the fruit plate was lacking. I added some Cholula hot sauce, to make it even better.
Spicy Italian Sausage Chowder
white wine, leeks, kale, white bean tomato, bell pepper

My entree of arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), was another surprisingly good dish. The chicken was melt in our mouth tender. 
I’m guessing they will be repeating the menu, if so I will be ordering this again. Also, I added some Cholula to enhance the already splendid flavors.
O Arroz Con Pollo
sautéed chicken, Spanish rice, Cuban sofrito o chicken and rice, Caribbean sofrito cilantro lime rice, crema

While I wasn't a wowed by the Big Island Pineapple, Shelly loved it. "The pineapple is a little tart.  This would be perfect for dessert."
Honey & Rum Roasted Big Island Pineapple
strawberry-coconut relish with candied ginger

She also enjoyed her salad.
Curly Endive and Iceberg Lettuce with Red Radish
choice of homemade and low-fat dressings

For her entree, she had mixed seafood plate that consisted of a tender buttery lobster tail; a large ravioli that had a hint of lemon, that was covered in a creamy cognac bisque; & a small piece of salmon that was little dry.
Lemon Ravioli, Lobster Tail, Salmon, Cognac Bisque
green beans, fresh herbs

Now it's time for dessert. 

I thought I did not really like hazelnuts, but this brilliant Chocolate Journeys dish proved me wrong! It was so rich with chocolate, that I almost had a Wilford Brimley moment. Diabeetus intensifies, indeed. 
Chocolate Journeys: Chocolate Hazelnut Bar with Citrus Cream
Embark on a culinary journy that is a marriage of the finest hazelnuts from Piedmont, Italy, and the freshest citrus flavors of Florida. Chef Love has designed a light, fluffy hazelnut dacquise cake with a ground hazelnut and milk chocolate crunch layer, a rich chocolate creme blend of dark and milk chocolate with a buttery texture, and finished with dark chocolate Chantilly, caramelized hazelnuts and a accompanied by a citrus sauce.

Shelly elected to have two different scoops of ice cream. One Jamaican coffee & one chocolate marshmallow.   "I found both to have great flavors, the chocolate reminded me of rocky road."
Jamaican Coffee & Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream

After dinner, we went back to the room to get ready for bed. We have an early port day tomorrow in Huatulco, Mexico.


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