2019 World Cruise - Day 27

Tuesday 01.29.19 - Sea Day

I woke up early (6am) & started working on the blog, before going up to the buffet to grab some biscuits, bacon gravy, bratwurst & sausage links. 

10am Destination Presentation: Papeete. Join Destination Expert Deb Fraioli for information on our upcoming port. This was an interesting talk to a packed house.  She gave us a few tidbits about what to expect while in town.

11am Future Cruise Presentation
Tips, tricks & hints for booking your next Princess cruise, with Sandy, Future Cruise Consultant. Lots of ideas for new places to visit. 

11:30am Lunch Buffet

I had…
Salad - mixed greens, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, ham, chicken, Parmesan cheese, red onions & honey mustard dressing.
Pizza - pepperoni, cheese, & pizza of the day

Ice Cream - Peach & Chocolate Chip

Shelly had…
Salad - I do like making my own salad where I can add the amount of cheese, olives, and meat that I want.  They offer a variety of dressings along with oil & vinegar.
Leg of Lamb - It was good, tender, rich lamb flavor.  I added mint jelly to complement it.
Chicken Fried Rice - this is really good, just like at any Chinese restaurant.  I added soy to my dish.
Pasta with Duckling Strips - Ehh, not my thing.

Lemon Cake & Watermelon - The watermelon was bright red, but lacked sweetness.  The lemon cake nearly melted in my mouth it was so soft and creamy with a slight lemon note.

1pm I talked to front desk about my damaged laundry. Came back to the room to work on Day 13 of our 2018 road trip.
missing button

Where they chose to place the tags were tearing the stitching on my shirts

6:30pm Cabaret Showtime Starring, Instrumentalist Tara Rachelle

7:45pm MDR Dinner

Diced jalapenos waiting for us at the table

Bread basket

I had…
Sweet Chili Spiced Shrimp - These were nowhere as spicy as advertised. That being said, I would order these again, due to them still being full of flavor.
Sweet Chili Spiced Shrimps, Cilantro and Fish Sauce

Chicken Satay - I wish they would season the chicken & that the peanut sauce had more depth. 
Thai Style Warm Chicken Satay, Peanut Sauce

Classic Shrimp Cocktail - always tasty
Shrimp Cocktail
an American classic with horseradish-spiked cocktail sauce

Burger - out of everything on the menu, this sounded the best. I was not disappointed. This burger was beautiful. 
Princess Sirloin Beef Burger with Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Bermuda Onion Marmalade
ground fresh daily, cooked to order and served with gourmet fries

Ice Cream - a scoop of vanilla & a scoop of chocolate. 

I experimented with a drop of blueberry hot sauce & it was fantastic!

Shelly had…
Soup - "Chicken and Lemon broth soup I added more lemon to it that really enhanced the Asian flavors."
Chicken and Lemon Soup, Rice Noodles and Basil

Chicken Satay - "this is a bland, the peanut sauce is watered down, and the chicken doesn't seem to have any seasoning whatsoever.  I added chopped jalapenos and that helped."
Thai Style Warm Chicken Satay, Peanut Sauce

Green Curry Chicken - "the flavors are mild, but good; however the color is a bit off putting.  If they added more coconut milk it would be more appealing."
Thai Green Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk
Lemon Jasmine Rice

Thai Fried Rice - "This was tasty!  Great mild flavors with a little sweetness.  This does have cilantro and green onions, I added the green curry chicken on top and enjoyed these together.  Of course, I needed more heat so added jalapenos.  One table mate liked the dish so much he asked for a second bowl."
Thai Fried Rice with Vegetables
Chili Flakes and Fried Egg

Sugar-Free Cake - "just a hint of sweetness, with creamy yogurt."
Sugar-Free Fresh Fruit Mille-Feuille
yogurt cream

King Kamekameha Party on Deck 9 - we stayed for a short time, but were too tired so we went to bed shortly after. I was so tired that forgot to take any photos. 


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