2019 World Cruise - Day 28

Wednesday 01.30.19 - Sea Day

Breakfast Buffet: we both had cereal, bananas & pastries

Back to the room to research what to do in Dunedin, NZ

Mexican Buffet Lunch:
We both had, chicken Enchiladas, beef fajitas, grilled shrimp, ham & cheese empanada, braised beef ribs, guacamole, refried beans and some very mild salsa. Although the photo doesn't do it much justice, I was pleasantly surprised at how good everything was today.

1pm Crossing the Equator Ceremony
Come watch the action as the Pollywogs who have never crossed the Equator become Shellbacks with King Neptune and his Royal Court. More photos here

2pm Shelly went to her Ukulele Class with Tui & Maile, while I returned to the room to work on my blog covering day 14 of our 2018 road trip. 

3-5pm Shelly got a free sample massage and facial.  They offered a special rate on a massage for today so she relaxed for 90 minutes with a hot stone massage.

7pm MDR Formal Dinner #5:
Our whole table decided not to participate in formal night. Instead Shelly & I ate at the bistro. (Menu C) Instead of a buffet, they have a casual dining option set up in that area, that is only available on certain sea days. 

We shared a Cherry "T" Focaccia Bread, while this tasted it great, it was more like a pizza dough
Specialty Focaccia / Cherry "T"
with sweet vine-ripened cherry tomatoes and elephant garlic

We both started with a cup of soup & an order of jalapeno poppers.
Soup of the Day
Tomato Soup with croutons

Tomato Soup - creamy heavy on tomato flavors, would have been good with a touch of olive oil or crème fraîche. 
Soup of the Day
Tomato Soup with croutons & Louisiana hot sauce

Jalapeno Poppers - Just like home.  These reminded me of the ones you get at Sonic even with the jalapeno that comes out of the breading. 
Jalapeno Poppers
cheddar cheese stuffed peppers, cucumber yogurt relish

My entree: Lasagna - rather a small portion but it was tasty & surprisingly filling. 
Lasagna al Forno alla Bolognese
homemade fresh pasta layered with savory meat and béchamel sauce, topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Her entree: New York Strip - large steak cooked to order - good and definitely fills the steak craving I had.  
Entrecôte Au Poivre
New York  cut strip with flambé and green peppercorn sauce

My dessert: Torta Di Mele - apple torte served cold. It tasted good, but I wish it was served warm.
Torta Di Mele
apple torte served with a rose of whipped cream

Her dessert: Tiramisu - traditional style good coffee notes and light soft cake.
espresso-soaked spongecake scented with rum
layered with mascarpone cream

9:30pm Variety Showtime, Featuring Moya Angela & Tara Rachelle


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