2019 World Cruise - Day 30

Friday 02.01.19 - Sea Day

8am woke up & began working on the blog

11:30am Buffet Lunch - American Celebration
I had…
ribs, onion rings, chicken wings, Mexican pizza, salad, & fried chicken

Shelly had…
Fried Chicken - boneless pieces of chicken.  I thought they were legs & thighs but there were not any more.  
Virginia Ham with Pineapple baked - good, although a bit dry and no pineapple with my slices. 
This time, there were many great buffet options.

2pm Aloha Oe Show
Join Cultural Ambassadors Tui & Maile along with Hula & Ukulele performances by your fellow guests. See all the photos here.
This is the day my wife got to show off her ukulele lessons.  She is the red head on the far right.
Another star was Betty, our tablemate, who performed in the hula dance.  Her husband, Steve, did most of the videos shown below.  
I love entertainment showcasing our fellow cruisers.

Aloha Oe Show Part 1

Ukulele Recital Part 2

Aloha Oe Show Part 3

Aloha Oe Show Part 4

Aloha Oe Show Part 5

The rest of the day we hung out in our cabin. I finished up day 16 of our 2018 road trip & then took a nap. 

7:45pm MDR Dinner 

Our whole table was invited to have dinner with Staff Engineer Deyan Geshev.

I had…
Beef Salad - this tasty app reminded me of a lettuce wrap, so that is how I ate it. It was so good, I should have ordered a second one.
Beef Salad with Chili Peppers and Lime

Lumpia - When I have ordered these on land, they have been smaller and longer. These looked like standard spring rolls.
Hand Rolled Lumpia
Rice Vinegar, Ginger & Soy Dip

New Zealand Cervena - Awesome venison! I just wish they would have brought me an actual entree, not an app size serving. Three slices of meat, really?
New Zealand Cervena Loin with Blackberry Sauce
roasted butternut squash, scalloped potatoes and sugar snap peas

Pineapple Flambe - this arrived melted & with two sad pieces of pineapple.
Pineapple Flambe
coconut-rum-raisin ice cream, toasted almonds

Shelly had…
Beef Salad - this was thin slices of beef served on one lettuce cup, you could easily eat this as a lettuce wrap.  Light appetizer option heavy on the protein.
Beef Salad with Chili Peppers and Lime

Lumpia - it was marked as vegetarian, but I do believe this had either pork or chicken.  A bigger crispy spring roll, but very tasty.  I really liked the vinegar dipping sauce, but I love the sour acidity you get from vinegar.
Hand Rolled Lumpia
Rice Vinegar, Ginger & Soy Dip

Grilled Wahoo - excellent fish option.  The wahoo is more like a steak fish very thick and meaty white fish served with bok choy and rice.  The rice paired well, but every time I get bok choy it is way overcooked and flavorless.  I should have asked for extra lime butter.  I would order this again and again.
Grilled Wahoo Steak with Lime Butter
bok choy, macadamia rice

Tempura Fried Bananas - these looked really greasy, but actually were not.  The batter was not crispy and the banana was hot and mushy.  I did like the dipping sauce, but these would be much better crispier.
Tempura Fried Bananas
sweet & sour sake and riesling glaze

10pm Off to bed early & excited for tomorrow's port of Tahiti, French Polynesia


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