2019 World Cruise - Day 32

Sunday 02.03.19 - Huahine, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Details from the Princess Cruise Lines:

Day 15 - 03, February 2019

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Arrival: 7:00 AM

All Aboard: 4:30 PM

One of Polynesia's best-kept secrets - Huahine, the "Wild Island" in the Society Islands - lies just over a hundred miles from Tahiti. The two islands of Huahine, Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti (Big Island and Little Island), are surrounded by a deep lagoon encircled by a coral necklace. Connected by a bridge, both islands boast white-sand beaches, vanilla plantations, friendly and easy-going islanders, and some of Polynesia's most significant cultural sites.

Note: Huahine is a tender port. Transportation from the ship to shore will be via the ship's tender service.

 (7am - 5pm) Usual Temp = 70° - 83°

7am Pacific Princess is scheduled to anchor off Huahine, Tahiti.

We booked an excursion via Huahine Nautique & chose Tour#1 - Marc's Motu Picnic:
Get ready for a full day of sight-seeing, snorkeling and picnicking!
​Look for the sign “Marc’s Motu Picnic.” on the wharf at 8.45 a.m. where our comfortable outrigger will be waiting for you. We’ll return at 3:00 p.m.

Day’s Itinerary:

→A snorkeling tour at a pristine coral garden lagoon.

→Visit Huahine’s only Black Pearl Farm featuring stunning, locally made jewelry and pottery.

→More snorkeling.

→After working up an appetite you’ll enjoy a delicious picnic on a beautiful “motu” (a small white-sandy islet). On the menu: Grilled chicken and fish, fresh salads and local fruits and of course our local specialty “Poisson Cru” local tuna with vegetables, marinated in lime juice and fresh coconut milk!
grilled fish & chicken legs

French bread

saffron rice


poisson cru

Lunch was AWESOME - we had grilled fish, grilled chicken legs, saffron rice, salad, poisson cru, French bread, fresh watermelon & grapefruit.


Open Bar (Water-Local juices- Beers hinano- Tahitian Rum Punch) Live Tahitian music with the captains
(All food and drinks are included.)

4:30pm ALL ABOARD! Last Tender Leaves from the Pier! Pacific Princess sets sail for Raiatea, Tahiti shortly afterwards

5pm Nibbles - shrimp fountain.
Tonight’s shrimp were done up a little bit different. These had some type of herb seasoning on them & tasted as if they may have been marinated. This was a delicious change from the standard boiled shrimp cocktail.

7:45pm MDR Dinner 

bread basket

diced jalapenos

I had...
Caesar Salad - great quality, tasty salad
Classic Caesar Salad
crisp romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and herb croutons

Spaghetti Carbonara (app) - super good spaghetti!
Spaghetti Carbonara (app)
traditional pasta dish with bacon, cream and egg

Fettuccine Alfredo + Grilled Chicken - another great pasta dish. PCL does excellent pastas.
Fettuccine Alfredo + Grilled Chicken
An All-Time Princess Favorite
rich, comforting and entirely satisfying

Chocolate Ice Cream - as my dad likes to say, “I love chocolate, as in choc A-LOT!”
Chocolate Ice Cream

Shelly had…
Garlic cream soup - creamy but bland and boring.  I do prefer brothy soups.
Roasted Garlic Cream Soup
topped with sage and cheese croutons

Spaghetti Carbonara - this was good, right amount of sauce to noodles and perfect appetizer size.
Spaghetti Carbonara (app)
traditional pasta dish with bacon, cream and egg

Lemon sole - Really good fish and I added more lemon to it.  
Lemon Sole Filets "Colbert"
shallow-fried and served with parsley & tarragon compound butter
wilted spinach and boiled potatoes

Apple Strudel - good but different than most strudels I've had, this was more a pastry filled with a thick apple concoction 
Viennese Apple Strudel
Vanilla Sauce
à la mode

Sunday 02.03.19 - 'Uturoa, Raiatea, French Polynesia
(8:30P- Usual Temp = 70° - 83°
8:30pm Pacific Princess is scheduled to arrive in Raiatea, Tahiti

Details from the Princess Cruise Lines:

Day 15 - 03, February 2019

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Arrival: 8:30 PM

Considered the second largest island in French Polynesia, Raiatea is situated approximately 120 miles northwest of Tahiti. For the Polynesian "Maohi," ancestor of today's Tahitian, Raiatea was known as "Sacred Havai'i" and was the center of royalty, religion, culture and history. The principal village is Uturoa, with a population of over 10,000. This bustling port town features a colorful market and arts and crafts shops along the waterfront. Raiatea is currently undergoing a renaissance, with special attention being given to preserve the island's rich culture and heritage.

Raiatea's importance as both a religious and historical center for all of Polynesia is complemented by a wealth of archaelogical sites, tropical scenery and reef fringed lagoons.

We could have gotten off the ship, but we decided to go to bed & head out in the morning.


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