2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 1

Hey yo! I'm back to regale you with all of the wonderful things we find to munch on during our most recent road trip. This time, we are on course to finally complete our 50x50 challenge. Shelly & I are traveling through twenty-five states (ten new ones) plus Canada & Washington, D.C.

Friday 09.27.19 - Heading to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
After dropping off our black lab, Delilah, at the pet sitter, we listened to a new podcast called The Fat Guy Forum as we set out on this epic journey. Hosted by gormey_goes_keto, this podcast is an entertaining look at the daily struggles of former & present big men. He is a daily inspiration for me due his positive outlook & the fact that he has lost over 300 lbs by following the ketogenic diet.
Our first stop was four hours away in Rockwall, Texas to have lunch at Wells Cattle Co. Burgers & Pies
Shelly found this place by looking for keto restaurants in the area and saw they offer keto buns, use local produce, and grass fed beef.

I had a superb Hot Ranch-hand burger on a keto bun, that I added bacon to. 
Hot Ranch-hand Burger (Pepper Jack, Jalapeño, Grilled Onions, Jalapeño Ranch) + Bacon on a Keto bun

Shelly had the same burger, but on a keto jalapeno crisp. We both absolutely loved our sandwiches. It was the perfect spice level.
Hot Ranch-hand Burger (Pepper Jack, Jalapeño, Grilled Onions, Jalapeño Ranch) on a Jalapeño Cheese Crisp

The side dishes they offer were not keto friendly so we brought our own bag of Keto Krunch.

As we were finishing our meal, the owner visited our table & we chatted with him about how nice it was that they offer low carb/keto options. He informed us that they have a supplier for the buns that use "smart flour" & that they are two net grams of carbs. The crisp are made in house using cheese they shred daily. This was an excellent dining spot. After lunch, we climbed back into the car, with our sights set on Oklahoma 

Another four hour car ride, and we arrived at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oklahoma City NW-Quail Springs

When we arrived, there were no luggage carts. We asked the desk about it & were informed that there were only two for the whole property. Really? That seems so bizarre. I looked it up & there is ninety-two rooms, but you only have two luggage carts? lol
Also, there was not a safe in the room. Other than those two hiccups, we had a great stay & the room was perfect for our needs. Shortly after we got all the luggage inside, it was time to leave for dinner. 

We had an 8pm reservation for Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse
We arrived a few minutes early & were directed to wait in the lobby or enjoy a drink at the bar. I asked the hostess for the WiFi password & she replies "oh I wouldn't have that information" Next, our waiter claimed that they had two open networks but we could never connect to either one.

We both started our meal off with a standard house salad. Shelly gave me all of her tomatoes.
Mickey's House Salad

For my entree, I chose the ribeye (prepared Pittsburgh style) topped with lump crab & a side of lobster Oscar. What I got was a really thin steak that seemed more like a sirloin.  For some reason, they added crab Oscar to the steak.
The lump crab and lobster went together well though. Other than spending time with my wife, that was the best part of my dinner.
PRIME ANGUS RIBEYE with Jumbo Lump Crab Oscar

Lobster Oscar & Melted Butter

Shelly also selected the ribeye (prepared Pittsburgh style) topped with lump crab. She says,"My steak was thick and cooked well, but a bit bland and chewy.  The lump crab was more like shredded crab and they drizzled it over the whole steak, so it looked even punier."
PRIME ANGUS RIBEYE with Jumbo Lump Crab Oscar

As a side dish, we shared the Brussels sprouts. These were tasty with meaty chunks of bacon.
Blistered Brussels
Bacon & Onion

A great non scale victory is being able to comfortably fir in a booth

On the ride back to the hotel we discussed how mediocre meal was a shock because we have always had really great food at the parent company Kirby's Prime Steakhouse. I hope this one experience doesn't set the standard for the rest of our trip. Good night for now. Tomorrow we are off to Kansas City, Missouri.


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