2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 2

Saturday 09.28.19 - Cruising to Kansas City
One of these days, maybe I will learn better. See what had happened was, the hotel offers a free breakfast. I am a SUCKER for free stuff, so I wandered downstairs & loaded my plate with a few items. As I walked back into the room, my wife asks, "oh, whadya get?" I reply, "Disappointment ­čśĽ" I took a few bites & threw the whole plate in the trash. I would have been better off just waiting till lunch.
A cheese omelette, egg white, veggie omelette, turkey sausage, & sliced ham

After that waste of carbs, it was time to load up the car & jump back on the road.

 Next up was lunch at Smitty's Garage Burgers & Beer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here, we both ordered a bunless spicy guacamole burger. I added a bison patty. We also shared an order of fresh fried pork rinds with a side of queso. They confirmed there was no flour in the queso dip. The burgers were good, but the spice was very mild.
Fresh, Fried In-House Seasoned  and Dipped in Queso!

Grilled Jalape├▒os, House Guacamole, and Pepper Jack Cheese

Double meat: one beef & one bison patty

Adding some Cholula

After we wolfed down that meaty mess, we programmed the GPS for the AirBNB in Overland Park, Kansas. As we crossed the state line, I was able to snap a quick pic from the passenger seat.

I loved how the host had a wireless remote app set for us to let ourselves in. This place was awesome. We really enjoyed our stay here, it had everything we needed & we were able to get some laundry done.

After Shelly finished relaxing on that comfy couch, she was ready to eat dinner. We had a 7pm reservation Gr├╝nauer 
an excellent German restaurant. Our wonderful waitress greeted with a birthday card coupon for a free dessert.

Well being keto I told them, "I really appreciate the offer but I can't have dessert so could I exchange it for an appetizer?" They gladly indulged me & we selected the amazing pork belly app. It normally comes with fried semolina dumplings, but of course those are verboten, so we had them omitted.
These small bites of perfectly cooked swine were a great start to my birthday trip.
Crispy pork belly with balsamico shallots. (sans fried semolina dumplings)

    The appetizers looked easier to ketofy than the entrees, so we ordered three of them to share. We love doing this so that we get to sample several items.

    First was a cheese plate. It contained three different cheeses, walnuts, pickles, olives & grapes.
    I did sneak a few grapes when Shelly wasn't looking.
    Selection of international cheeses with traditional accompaniments

    Followed by a meat tray. Shelly liked the liverwurst & pate, but they weren't my thing.
    Hungarian salami, liverwurst, country pate, bierwurst mortadella, pickled vegetables

    For the finale, we tried all of the sausages on the menu!
    The du jour was a dry Italian sausage. The other 5 were delicious. The andouille was my favorite.  Now this is my jam, I love trying house made sausages and most of these were terrific.  I would definitely order this again.
    Wurstl (all 6) served with sauerkraut, mustard & horseradish

    After dinner we made it back to our AirBnB, where I could have a proper keto dessert of Ketobrick. I love these and how satisfying they are when I desire a little sweet treat.

    Have a goodnight and follow along to see how I celebrated my birthday tomorrow.


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