2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 3

Sunday 09.29.19 HEATH’s Birthday - Hanging out in Kansas City

Our first stop today was to Sprouts Farmers Market to buy some keto friendly BBQ sauce. Walden Farms makes four different versions that taste terrific. I only wish the consistency was a little thicker.

I was hoping to find a local hot sauce company at our second stop, City Market but all we saw was produce, produce & more produce with a few vintage booths along with some brick & mortar restaurants.

Since we struck out at the market, we had time to add in a stop at a local antique shop. At River Market Antiques, we were able to score two more license plates for our collection & a mini cast iron skillet.

I love visiting these shops when we travel. It's part scavenger hunt, part museum. There never seems to be an end to the odd & delightful things you can find in sometimes the most unusual places.

We packed our new treasures into the car & drove to our 1pm reservation at Q39 - Midtown.

We brought in that BBQ sauce & our Redmond Real Salt. 

We both ordered a combo plate, so we could try all the meats but not the pulled pork. 
smoked chicken • chipotle sausage with seasonal vegetables

q pork spare ribs (2) • sliced brisket • chipotle sausage with cucumber onion salad
+ extra 5oz pork belly
The sausage was our favorite meat. The casing on the outside had a great snap & the mixture had a nice mouth feel. Some sausages seem like Spam in a casing. This was not one of those horrid concoctions.

Followed by the juicy chicken. I also like how they were able to get the skin crispy.

The ribs were a great choice as well. The bones easily slipped out & this made the meat so much easier to eat.

The brisket was moist, but I'm not sure why it's hard to find a good bark on brisket outside of Texas.

Sadly, we wasted our time ordering the pork belly. It was over cooked & so hard, it made me reach for the sauce again.

Shelly got the seasonal veggies which was mainly zucchini and squash. 
herb butter

My side dish was the cucumber and onion salad. The crisp coldness made for a great counter balance to the rich meats.
dill vinaigrette

After lunch, it was back to the AirBNB to relax & watch YouTube until it was time to eat again. For some reason, Sullivan's Steakhouse in Houston closed so now we are only able to enjoy their excellent food when we travel. We were pleased to find that a lot of their menu is keto friendly, so we happily booked a 7pm reservation.

Shortly after we were seated, a server walked by, dusted our table with festive confetti & handed me a card.

A few months ago, they emailed me a $25 coupon for my birthday, but it expired once they were bought out by another company.

Shelly started her dinner with a mixed green salad with oil & vinegar as the dressing.
Cherry Tomatoes, Radish, Shaved Gruyère w/ Oil & Vinegar

For her entree, she chose a perfect medium rare KC strip and really loved gnawing on the bone.

I also started my meal off with the mixed green salad. As usual, I always think every restaurant should add more tomatoes to their salads.
Cherry Tomatoes, Radish, Shaved Gruyère & Shallot-Dijon Vinaigrette

My entree was a freaking outstanding medium rare bone in cowboy ribeye, topped with shrimp.
Bourbon Peppercorn sauce

We shared an absolutely delicious spaghetti squash that really reminded us of a mac n cheese. The almonds added a good crunch. We definitely need to recreate this at home! I wonder if they would share the recipe with me.
Parmesan, Cream, Almonds

This meal was a perfect ending to a great birthday, but our trip is really just beginning. We have one more day scheduled here in Kansas City. Then it's off to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but more about that later.


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