2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 5

Tuesday 10.01.19 - Traveling to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We began this day by packing up & driving three hours to eat lunch at Block 16 where we had one of the best burgers EVER! The patty had great flavor and texture. The way everything melded together brought out the salt, fat, and acid making for a great burger.

CROQUE GARCON BURGER: It rhymes with "smoke cars on" and is a 1/3-pound Jon's Natural burger with cheese, ham, a sunny-side-up farm egg, mustard, and truffle mayo

We brought our own Keto Krunch, since we no longer eat fries

Beautiful beef

After that bad-ass lunch, we took another three hour drive to
Candlewood Suites Sioux Falls. Our room had a kitchenette, but only one trash can for the entire room & bathroom. I know it's not really that big of a deal, but it's just weird. It would be nice to have another trash can in the bathroom.

We got all the luggage situated then it was time for dinner at 

Shelly started with a wedge salad w/ oil & vinegar. This was simply a chunk of iceberg lettuce, bacon crumbles, and blue cheese crumbles. She gave me the tomatoes, then drizzled olive oil and vinegar along with salt and pepper. Good basic salad.
Wedge salad w/ oil & vinegar
For her entree, she went with the nightly special, a Denver steak. Neither of us had ever heard of a Denver steak before. Our server, Kali, informed us that it is from the chuck and no bone.  It was delivered perfectly medium rare, great seasoning, and so tender with all the fatty parts like butter.
Nightly Special: Denver cut steak with brussels sprouts, bacon, blue cheese, and garlic demi-glace

I started with the house salad. I think all salads could use more tomatoes.
House salad w/ honey vinaigrette
For my entree, I chose their signature steak. I usually do not enjoy blue cheese but this was a symphony of flavors that I want to recreate soon after we return home.  
Cajun encrusted - bleu cheese -pecan bacon - heirloom tomato relish - house sauce

As a side dish, I selected the expertly cooked asparagus.
Asparagus spears topped with chipotle lime Hollandaise sauce

Shortly after we returned to the hotel, I recorded the opening segment for my Keto Road Trip Pro Tips video.  

Then went about catching up on YouTube videos and looking ahead to tomorrow.  It is getting cold here and we are only heading further north, so guess who didn't bring any winter clothes.  
Find out what we do tomorrow...


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