2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 6

Wednesday 10.02.19 - See You in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We started off today by making an emergency stop at DXL Big + Tall to get a flannel due to the sudden temperature drop. Someone forgot to pack a jacket. I did land a non scale victory here... Pre- keto, I was wearing a 7XLT & the new flannel is a 5XLT!!! So even if the scale is not moving, that doesn't mean that my body is not changing. I just need to trust the process. 

Now, it's time for lunch! We had a pretty satisfying meal at 
Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews

We started off we a ten pack of crispy fried wings, we opted for a dry rub since those tend to be more Keto friendly. Shelly diligently looks for the allergen guide and nutrition guides at restaurants to look for sugars, carbs, soy, and wheat. If she can't find the info then she isn't scared to ask, most of the time the waiter has to check with the kitchen but our health is worth it.  We learned the avocado ranch dip is made with soybean oil, so she did not partake in using it.

These were perfectly seasoned & very meaty. 
Wings (10) zesty lemon pepper rub, side avocado ranch dip

The avocado ranch was made better with a few drops of our new hot sauce.

Just by chance, our visit happened to be on a Wednesday, when they have Kobe beef burgers on sale. I mean, who doesn't love a good sale?

So I had a double meat, double cheese, double bacon bunless version of the Southwest burger. It was double spicy too just how I like it! 

SOUTHWEST: Sliced jalapeños, spicy mayo, Cajun seasoning, Sriracha, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato with coleslaw. 

They actually forgot one patty & had to bring it out on a second tray.
mmmm bacon

I know this is a messy pic, but damn was this a tasty burger.
Getting down & dirty with this bad boy

Shelly ordered a bunless Hot Rod burger.
HOT ROD: Sliced jalapeños, spicy mayo, buffalo sauce, and pepper jack cheese. (mayo and buffalo sauce on side)

She didn’t use the sauce or mayo since they have veg oils in them.  She added her own FBomb nut butter. She says, "This burger still had a good heat and the nut butter added creaminess and a slight sweet note.  I wished the cheese had been melted.  I love gooey cheese."
My wife got a little nutty

After lunch, We were supposed to visit Falls Park but got rained out 🌧🌩😥 I mean it literally rained ALL DAY LONG. 
So we just went back to the hotel to hang out, stay dry & warm until dinner. 

I can't remember where we first picked for dinner, but after revisiting their menu, it did not look like we would have very much to choose from. I went on a Google hunt for a keto friendly replacement & found ODE to Food & Drinks.

What clenched it for me was when I found this:

I'm guessing that the keto options are a new thing because they didn't have a printed menu for patrons & gave us the kitchen's copy. It was nice seeing these notes that let us know that everything we ordered was truly keto friendly.

We started with their regional dish chislic. It was basically just tasty steak bites. What made it terrific was the ghost pepper cheese sauce, that provided a slow building heat. It did not hit me until after a few bites.
Top Sirloin cubed then pan seared in Butter & served with your choice of Ghost Pepper Cheese Sauce

Shelly had the protein plate of wild salmon on top of sauteed broccolini, spinach, and asparagus with a side of avocado aioli, made using avocado oil.
Wild Salmon on top of sauteed broccolini, spinach, and asparagus with a side of avocado aioli.

I had an excellent ribeye with sauteed zucchini, mushrooms & more of that ghost pepper cheese sauce.

12 oz Open-Flamed Ribeye, cooked to perfection then topped with Shallot Butter - served with sauteed zucchini, mushrooms & ghost pepper cheese sauce

After that amazing meal, we went back to the hotel to rest up before leaving for Minneapolis in the morning. 


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