2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 7

Thursday 10.03.19 - Making our way to Minneapolis, Minnesota
This morning was just like all the rest...
Pack everything into the car & hit the road. We left Sioux Falls, South Dakota & drove off in search of food. After passing the state line into North Dakota (state #41 on our 50x50 list)....

...we landed at Spitfire Bar & Grill in West Fargo, ND.

We were seated right next to the rotisserie cooker. It was mesmerizing watching the chicken tumble around as we dined on their kinfolk.

Within minutes, our wonderful waitress, Shelby, greeted us with a loaf of bread. 

Shelly was a little nervous about ordering BBQ. In the past the smoke has been too much for her, so she had the California club sandwich, minus bun & mayo. She told me that it was okay, but not that filling. 
California Chicken Club
Juicy rotisserie chicken, thick sliced hickory bacon, avocado, tomato, and lettuce

She also had a rather sad looking salad as her side dish.

I ordered the Pitboss Platter off the appetizer section. Y'all know how much I love sampler platters, so this sounded like the perfect option to get to try a little bit of everything. 
Pitboss Platter
Sample a variety of our slow smoked meats. Tinder beef brisket, homemade andouille sausage, seasoned wood fired wings and meaty St. Louis ribs. Served with our Spitfire BBQ and tangy mustard sauce.

I also added a side of creamy coleslaw.

It was not listed on the menu, but the plate was garnished with fried onion pieces. In the old days, I would have been thrilled that these extras were included, now I find it annoying when unplanned foods are served to me.

The wings, sausage & ribs were fantastic, while the brisket was barely edible. I had to douse the sad dry pieces in some of my own BBQ sauce.
where's the bark?

We finished our meal & decided to check out another local shop. At the Moorhead Antique Mall, we bought six shot glasses & two license plates. These will fit nicely with the rest of our collection.

Then it was roughly a four hour drive to Minneapolis, MN. 
State #42
We were still a little hungry from lunch, so we went to dinner early. We suffered another let down at Hell’s Kitchen

Now I really hate to put the place on blast, but I like to be totally transparent with my readers. I feel I need to give y'all honest reviews, warts & all. I need to show the good with the bad. We started off with some damn good chicken wings. 
Chicken Wings  
Pancho's Dry Rub wings, served with celery sticks and choice of housemade blue cheese or ranch dressing.
We ordered the Hellfire & Juicy Lucifer burger, both bunless added bacon & avocado.  Shelly added habaneros, and I ordered jalapenos. We both received dry over cooked boring burgers. 
This hotter-than-hell­ burger is made of Angus beef mixed with jalapeƱos and other incendiary ingredients, then topped with melted pepperjack cheese. You'll notice a gradual buildup of heat to 3 or 3.5 on a Thai "1 to 5" scale. If this doesn't scare you, set your tastebuds on fire by adding habaneros, ghost pepper cheese, or more jalapeƱos from the add-on list below. Warning: no givebacks, whining or refunds!

MN Icon: Juicy Lucifer  
Minneapolis is known as the birthplace of melted cheese-in-the-middle burgers...ours has a big patty of Black Angus ground beef smothering a molten hot center of cheese. Includes a side of our housemade sweet & spicy red pepper jelly.

After dinner, we tried to buy a shot glass & a bottle of hot sauce but the girl at the merch table straight up ignored us, so we left. I sent them an email on that night and they replied with an apology with a coupon to order the items for free. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! 

It was time to retire to our hotel. Shelly booked us a really impressive room for two nights at the Hewing Hotel

We capped off the night with free drinks:
White Claw for Shelly, she drank about half of it and said that was more than enough.
Bourbon & Black Cherry Zevia for me, perfect end to a day!

Tomorrow will be all about our full day in Minneapolis, MN


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