2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 8

Friday 10.04.19 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Our day began with a trip to the Midtown Global Market

We bought 4 mini cheeses & a bottle of local hot sauce from the Grass Roots Gourmet booth. 

All of the cheeses were spectacular, but the Truffle Gouda smelled like butter and nearly melted in our hands. It was so creamy, we almost returned to buy a pound of it. We have not opened the hot sauce yet. For now it's just a decorative souvenir to add to the collection at home. 

While researching restaurants for this trip, I came across Red Cow Uptown & saw that they offer a free burger on your birthday. Who doesn't love free food? So of course I joined their little club. 

I had them merge two of their burgers to create me a bunless Ultimate Manhattan with a side of coleslaw. Their house burger sauce reminded me a lot of green goddess salad dressing. The house pickle chips had a beautiful bread & butter flavor. 
Ultimate Burger: Wisconsin aged cheddar, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, red cow sauce.
Manhattan 2.0 Burger: double patty, bacon confit, Gruyere, arugula and dried cherry-red wine chutney. (Red Cow Grind: thinly smashed house-ground 21 day aged ribeye, chuck, short rib & brisket)
Shelly had a bunless PBJ with a Red Cow side salad that she ABSOLUTELY LOVED. 

P-B-J: double patty, pineapple-bacon-jalapeno jam, cream cheese, muenster, bacon, fresh jalapeno
(Red Cow Grind: thinly smashed house-ground 21 day aged ribeye, chuck, short rib & brisket)
Red Cow Salad: organic mixed greens, crispy prosciutto, pine nuts, shaved parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette

After lunch, I took over fifty photos while we spent almost five hours walking around the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Believe it or not, all that walking made us hungry, so we moved our dinner reservation from 7pm to 5pm.  At Burch Steak and Pizza, we had THE BEST dinner so far this trip. 

Our waiter, Andre was really knowledgeable about gluten, sugar, and soy/corn ingredients in dishes and altered those as needed to fit our needs. The food runner brought us bread by mistake & we kept the butter. I decided to use the candle to melt it in preparation for our steak entree. 

We started with a ½ dozen raw oysters. These were an excellent opening act for the stellar meal we were about to enjoy.
Oysters on the shell
Our next course was the roasted bone marrow. The plate was three halves with chunky salt. Folks, this was amazing, the rest of the fat we mixed with the butter to top the steak.
Roasted bone marrow, gremolata

For our entree, we shared a DIY Surf & Turf: 26 oz 120 day dry aged ribeye cooked to a magnificent medium rare. Plus grilled blue prawns (from the appetizer section) doused in a spicy oil & served head-on.
Prime Beef Niman Ranch Natural 120 Day Dry Aged Ribeye 26oz

Grilled blue prawns, chimichurri

The steak comes served with Bearnaise and pickled mushrooms. Our waiter told us that typically it includes a steak sauce, but due to our dietary restrictions, he omitted it for us. 

 We also shared two terrific side dishes:

The grilled button mushrooms were meaty and delicious.
Grilled button mushrooms, bacon, herbs

The roasted cauliflower was EXCEPTIONALLY good and a great compliment to our meal. This is another thing that I plan to replicate once we are home.
Roasted cauliflower, anchovies, burrata

After dinner, it was back to the hotel to rest up for our an early morning as we move on to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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