2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 9

Saturday 10.05.19 - Moving on to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today we enter into state #43 for our 50x50 challenge....

After leaving the hotel, we drove four hours to Middleton, Wisconsin to visit the National Mustard Museum. Here I took lots of photos, we bought 4 jars of mustard & a souvenir shot glass. The history of this place is interesting. A sports team losing actually caused a man to start a museum? Like really?  Since it was a long drive, the first thing I had to do was borrow their restroom & look what they are using for a soap dispenser. 😀

As I write this, I can not recall how I found our lunch place, but I hit the keto jack pot when I discovered the Good Food Low Carb Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin. Their
 owners follow the same way of eating as my wife & I, so we felt safe ordering everything on their menu. It was a delight to find that the food was made to order from scratch & arrived hot. Too hot to eat right away. I burned my mouth because I was so eager to dive in. I was also pleased to find that they offer Zevia sodas in the can! 

We started off by sharing a cup of pulled pork chili verde soup. This was pretty great, with lots of meat, a thin broth & great spice level. I brought in my own hot sauce but did not need it.

Dish #2 was jalapeno poppers. These were tasty but no one wraps the bacon as well as my ABT's.

Dish #3 was a wonderful new twist for us. These delicious stuffed mushrooms seem to be filled with cream cheese & bacon. 

For our entrees, we both had a fathead dough pizza. 

My supreme pizza was covered in cheese. I wish the crust would have been a little more crispy, but I'm not sure that they could cook it any longer without burning it.

Shelly's was also a supreme pizza, but with no pepper & no onion. 

For the first time in a long while, we were able to order dessert, but we were too full to eat it all. We split a cookie, & I had a bite of cheesecake. I took the rest with us to enjoy later back at the hotel.

A short one hour drive leads us to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Here we are staying at The Pfister Hotel. This place is extremely nice & the staff is super helpful. This is probably one of the best hotel experiences we have had.

After we dropped off the luggage at the hotel, it was time for our 7:30pm dinner reservations at Mason Street Grill.

We started this phenomenal meal with some absolutely delicious oysters Rockefeller. They were creamy with luscious chunks of crab and bacon.

We each chose to do turf & turf as our entree. What arrived was a terrifically tender medium rare 18 oz bone in ribeye that was covered with melted butter & topped with pork belly. 

The Nueske's thick cut bacon made an excellent topping for the steak.

As a side dish, we shared the seasonal vegetable of fire roasted cauliflower. It came to the table cold & they quickly replaced with piping hot cauliflower plus they removed the charge.

Another awesome meal with outstanding service. Our waiter, Graham, was helpful and made sure each item came out to our liking. They send the check out in a little couch!

As we were waiting for the check, the manager stopped by to say he liked our style of topping our steak with bacon.

Next, it was back to the hotel to rest up for another full day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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