2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 16

Day 16 - Saturday 10.12.19 - Bouncing Around Buffalo, New York

We started the day off with a fantastic lunch at Fat Bob's Smokehouse

We wanted an order of deviled eggs, but they did not have enough for a full order so they gifted us the last two.  These were really good and a great appetizer.  

For our entree, we shared a three meat combo of double brisket and ribs with coleslaw and grilled vegetables.

I thought these were some excellent brisket & ribs.  We asked for moist brisket with an end cap & got both, look at this fatty goodness. The meat was so good that no sauce was needed!

We also brought along some cheese that we bought back on day ten.

After that magical meaty meal, we went back to the hotel to put cheese in the fridge & refill our drinks. 

Shelly was itching for a local coffee, so we made a quick stop to Spot Coffee Snyder.  Great friendly service and they offered heavy cream & real butter for her coffee.  She tried the redeye, which is a strong espresso blend.  It really woke her up for some antiquing.  

One of the things we love to do while traveling, is check out the local antique stores. I collect license plates & shot glasses. We have found several of these in the various shops we have visited. Also, Shelly occasionally finds a few items for her Etsy shop. We found some pretty neat tramp art at Muleskinner Antiques but nothing we could not live without. 

Our next stop was to Village Artisans where we bought a souvenir shot glass.

We then made a stop at TOPS Friendly Markets to buy a few things. I signed up for their club card so I could save a few dollars. 

Now, our 7:30pm dinner reservation at Remington Tavern and Seafood Exchange was a complete fiasco. It's a shame because looking at the menu beforehand, we were extremely excited to dine here. 

Shelly was teased with crab stuffed faroe island salmon with asparagus. We like to find local delicacies to try on our trip and this salmon was suppose to be wild from the Faroe Islands.
Our waiter was preoccupied & didn’t pay attention to our needs. Shelly advised him she couldn't eat gluten, soy, and corn.  She asked if the stuffed salmon was only crab or a mix with breadcrumbs or flour he assured her it was only crab. When the plate came the stuffing was obviously some sort of mix and not plain crab, plus it came with potatoes and green beans we specifically said not to have.  The waiter left the food and ran off before we could speak to him, after several mins and a few times of trying to flag him down he came to the table and she again asked if this had anything else besides crab? He said he would go double check, he returned saying yes it has breadcrumbs and can't do crab only, so he offered plain salmon and took the plate and was going to take the asparagus but leave the potatoes and green beans.  She requested to keep the asparagus but he can take the rest.  He left the potatoes but took the stuffed salmon.  

Well after 25 mins she still hasn't received her plain salmon, I was nearly done with my steak and 2 other helpers came by asking to remove my plate since they assumed we were done.  During this time our waiter never checked on us or advised us of how long the new order was going to take.  I would think when a place makes a mistake that the new entree would be rushed out or at least given priority over other table orders.

After this I got up and found our waiter saying forget the salmon and we need to speak to a manager.  He said he would go find him, but after a couple minutes we left our table and found the manager ourselves. He apologized and comped our meal. 
My ribeye was cooked correctly but the hospitality team leaves A LOT to be desired. Obviously Shelly was still hungry, so we made an exception to break travel rule number two (never eat someplace we can eat at home) and made a hasty trip to Five Guys
Me: Little bacon cheeseburger with mushshrooms & pickles + bacon cheese dog, both bunless

Her: Triple bacon cheeseburger with jalapenos and extra bacon.  We have found Five guys gives great service and are happy to oblige any dietary changes.  The food comes out piping hot and delicious.  

Satisfied with that beefy goodness, we went back to the hotel to get ready for another day on the road.  Our next adventure will be Cooperstown, NY.


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