2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 18

Day 18 - Monday 10.14.19 - Traveling to Vermont & New Hampshire

We started the day off with breakfast (included as part of our hotel's Double Play Package).  This place is fancy!  Flowers on each table, white linen tablecloths, silver accents, fine china, and top notch service from the waitstaff.  Shelly always notices the china and loved how everything matched - the plates, salt & pepper shakers, and sugar holder.  
They sat us near a window where we were able to look out and see the lake, trees, and birds.  I can definitely see spending a few days here for a relaxing getaway.

They put on quite a spread for a buffet.  A center line for pastries and fruit.  One section for fresh made pancake and waffles with an assortment of toppings.  Lastly, two stations for making your ultimate omelette creation.
I enjoyed an everything omelette with a side of sausage & bacon.  I like a build your own omelette station and this one had about everything you could imagine to fill your omelette.
I am so glad we found this hot sauce as it has really been a great addition to so many of our meals; and of course Redmond's real salt is the best salt you can get!  No more plain table salt for us.  This salt is directly out of Utah in an old salt mine, clean and pure salt loaded with minerals.  You can definitely taste a difference in this versus plain and even pink himalayan salt.  I found out recently that some pink salt isn't even correct, it is plain salt that has been dyed pink!  Also, so many are from overseas how do you know how pure and clean it is?  I am always for shopping local and supporting small businesses and Redmond's is right here in the United States, so I like that I am helping an American company.  If you haven't yet, I recommend going to their website and trying their salts.  They offer spice blends, tooth paste, bath salts, and more.  My wife swears by their bath salts and says it is so relaxing. I hope one day to be able to take the tour of their salt mine.

Shelly thought her plate of scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, bacon & sausage was rather basic.  She did like the crispy bacon.  She said the scrambled eggs were okay, but she should have went with an omelette as it would have been fresher and probably cleaner than her scrambled eggs.  She was really happy to find unsweetened plain greek yogurt, plus they offered a "Keto" smoothie.  I am not sure if they know what Keto is as they had apples in the smoothie and who knows what milk or sweetener they used.  I guess at least places are trying.

Shelly brought her own creamer to add to her coffee.  She really likes the Nutpods brand as it is shelf stable until you open and has no alternative sugars added, as she doesn't care for sweet coffee.

After stuffing ourselves silly we returned to the room to grab our luggage & take one more look at the lake.

After leaving the hotel, we realized we were so low on Redmond's real salt that we needed to find a store to buy some more.  Thankfully, their website has a find a store option and we lucked in with a place in town that stocks it.  So off we went for a quick stop at Cooperstown Natural Foods to restock on a few items.  This is a quaint store with tons of healthy food options, not just packaged but they had fresh vegs and meat.  If we were staying a few days we would definitely shop here to prepare something. 
We found our salt, plus a few more treats.  The Lily's peanut butter cups is something I haven't tried before so I was excited for this purchase.  I had to try one right away and they are really good and a great stevia option when you have those cravings.

After packing our new goodies away we headed to our next stop Northway Toyota for a 10k mile maintenance.  We didn't rack up 10,000 miles on this trip alone, it's also from when we did the west coast trip.  Since we were only halfway through this road trip we needed to get a service done and we found a dealership that was on the route to our nightly destination.
This place is outside of Albany, NY and looked new and clean.  They told us it would be at least an hour so we found a table and figured we would work on our laptops. 

We were not there for very long. Almost as soon as I got my laptop set up, they had the car ready for us to go. Now, that is great service and why I continue to own Toyotas.
Next, we drove a little over an hour to eat lunch at Depot Street Burgers in Vermont.  
They advertise as having the best burgers in Vermont.  Definitely in an upscale area with plenty of high end retailers and small shops.  They sell local craft beers, wine, sodas, hot dogs, fries, and burgers.  

We both ordered a "spicy" double patty burger plus bacon & a fried egg. The hamburger is ground fresh daily and they offer a large variety with a lot of different toppings and add-ons.  
We thought they were awesome burgers that were well seasoned, but not very spicy.  However, I think our spice tolerance down in Texas might be a bit different than those in the Northeast.
Adding a fried egg to my burger is my new favorite thing.  I love the runny egg pouring over my patty.  
I am glad we found these parmesan crisps as a fry substitute.  I really feel this way of eating is quite easy as you just have to plan ahead and take a few things yourself.
I did like how they serve the burgers on these pans with biodegradable silverware.

Spiced beef, pepper jelly, roasted jalapenos, Cabot cheddar cheese + bacon & fried egg

After lunch, we went hunting for souvenirs since we are in a new state. This lead us to  Above All Vermont where we bought a shot glass & a coffee mug.  This store had about everything you could imagine to represent Vermont - syrups, soaps, fudge, you name it.
They had several shot glasses and we settled on this little moose.  We do not use these for practical purposes, only for collecting, so I like to find unique ones.  
Shelly loves coffee and had a few to choose from, but ultimately decided on this enormous pottery one.  We love watching 2 Krazy Ketos on YouTube with Joe & Rachel.  Rachel loves coffee a tad more than Shelly and always has huge mugs.  So Shelly felt inspired by Rachel to get this mega mug.  If you haven't watched 2 Krazy Ketos I definitely recommend them.  They are joyful and uplifting always giving their down to earth advice on the Keto lifestyle.

The day is getting away from us and we still have a three hour drive to our hotel in New Hampshire!  We picked this place as it is a Historic Hotel set on a grand estate.  The views online are breathtaking and looks amazing.  Shelly was really excited to stay here.  
We chose the Mountain View Grand Hotel, New Hampshire not only for its beauty, but the location wasn't too far from the Mt. Washington Auto Road.  This was why we drove so far up north is to visit this road that has some spectacular views and you get a bumper sticker for driving it.  That is for tomorrow though.
For now on to this grand hotel, look at those mountains folks.

This is a gorgeous property, but we arrived late at night and really couldn't see anything or walk the property.  They have various activities around the estate, like roasting marshmallows, but we were too tired and it was too late to do any of those.  Also, it was tricky finding the valet as this place is so large and they had one sign saying valet, but when we went there no one was around and no stand.  We waited a few minutes and still no one, so we thought we were at the wrong place.  I decided to go in and ask the front desk and was told yeah that's valet and didn't know where he was or if available.  So not seeing any parking I asked her if I leave my car there and they will come and park it.  She responded "yep, that's how valet works".  I went back outside and told Shelly what had transpired and guess I would go find a luggage rack as I didn't see any bellhops either.  We started unloading the car when finally a young man came out and said he worked the valet and bellhop area.  
Since it had been a long day we wanted to relax and use the internet, but the amenities leave a lot to be desired.

The gift was a really nice gesture, but one we couldn't even eat as it was filled with sugar.  I know places do this to add a special something, I just wish they would consider something that anyone could enjoy.  Shelly did bring it to the front desk, unopened, and ask if we could exchange for a drink or bottle of water and was told no.  So, she expressed her disappointment advising that in the future they should have other options available.  
When we were unable to get the internet to connect, it made us start looking harder at all the other issues with this place:

  • There was not a soap holder inside shower
  • There was not a towel hook close to the shower
  • There was not a desk in the room
  • No refrigerator and they charge $25/day for one
  • The a/c and heating unit was one I have not seen before and no information on how to operate it.  It reminded me of a window unit but one that sits on the floor to service one room.  We had to call for service as we couldn't get it to work.

I think we had high expectations of this place based on some of the other fabulous hotels we stayed at and expect the same quality from here.  I guess since they are so far away from most places that they don't feel the need to keep up with the times.  Shelly did complain about having to pay a resort fee for services not received, internet, and having to pay for the refrigerator.  The manager wasn't on site, so the clerk would leave a message and see.  They did eventually tell us they would refund the resort fee.
I feel like if your basic Holiday Inn includes a fridge then a hotel charging 3x+ for a room should at least include that as well.
This is a learning lesson though.  You have to really review places more thoroughly to make sure it fits into what you want from a place.

I cried myself to sleep & just prayed that tomorrow would be better 😂


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