2019 Autumn Road Trip - Day 19

Day 19 - 10.15.19 - Sights Set on Salem, Massachusetts
I woke up at 6am to find that the hotel's internet still SUCKS! 😡🤬 It finally started working in the parking lot after we loaded the luggage. Before we made our exit, I took a minute to weigh myself. To my astonishment, I have lost 95 lbs by simply cutting out sugars, starches, grains, beans/legumes & vegetable oils.

We next tried to visit Mt Washington Auto Road, National Park, which is the highest peak in the North East.

Unfortunately, the road was closed due to icy conditions. We decided that paying to only be able to drive part of the road wasn't really worth it. So instead, we continued on to America's Stonehenge in Salem, NH. As we arrived it was noisy, due to there being 2 school busses. We figured it would be too crowded, so we skipped this stop as well.

After those two disappointing stops, we thought that maybe a nice meal would brighten our day. Our lunch at T-BONES Great American Eatery was yet another let down. It should not have been a surprise, when the first thing I see on the menu was this travesty:

The fact that they had the audacity to call it Texas Chili made me cringe. Friends, chili should NEVER contain beans!
It's chile con carne (chili and meat) not chile con frejoles (chili with beans)
Every good Texan will tell you, "If you know beans 'bout chili, chili ain't got beans!"
Here's a few of good articles to study up on:

After I calmed down, I ordered a terrific bunless cheddar burger plus bacon & mushrooms with a side of coleslaw. 
Cheddar Burger
½ lb. burger, Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle chip, garlic mushrooms & bacon

My enthusiasm for my plate was not matched by my wife. Shelly was not impressed with her meal. She ordered a Cobb salad & added a steak. She thought it was only "okay" Sadly, the steak was marinated in some sort of really sweet sauce. The menu should be more clear about how it is prepared. 
‘Just Enough’ Cobb Salad
Black Forest ham, roasted turkey, Cheddar, egg, tomato, green pepper, bacon, fresh greens (plus steak)

We finished our lunch & drove over to Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites & thought our room was perfect for our one night stay.

Later that night, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Longboards Restaurant & Bar
I was feeling a little spicy so I selected the double meat Firehouse burger + bacon & lobster with a side of coleslaw
Double Meat Bunless Firehouse Burger + bacon & lobster w/ coleslaw

Firehouse Burger
insane hot sauce creation, fresh sliced jalapenos, ghost pepper-jack

Her: Bunless Firehouse Burger + bacon & lobster w/ giardiniera - delicious burger, great bacon, and glad I added the lobsta.
Bunless Firehouse Burger + bacon & lobster w/ giardiniera - delicious burger, great bacon, and glad I added the lobsta.

The service here was great and they were packed!  This place was a nice stroll from our hotel.  Neither one of us had been to Salem before and were not sure what to expect.  So far the views are nice, the hotel is great, and since we are close to Halloween everything is decorated.  They say Halloween week is their busiest time of the year.  
Shelly is super excited as she has always loved the history of Salem and is looking forward to exploring the town tomorrow. Join us as we gander around the town of Salem and see so many of the top attractions.


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